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Uplifting communities through collaboration, education and friendship

Do you want a volunteer experience that is meaningful, completely immersive and locally run?

Do you want to support the education of local Nepali in a clear and accountable way, knowing exactly how your donation has been used?

FACE Nepal is a unique volunteer & sponsorship organisation dedicated to providing clear benefit to the Nepali people by having a direct connection with the local community. The heart of FACE Nepal's mission is transparency (through direct contact with our local team and clear accounting) and sustainability (by ensuring community support and inclusion on all projects and sponsorships).

Interested in getting involved with FACE Nepal?

If you would like to volunteer, please review our flexible volunteering options for further information.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a Nepali child, or would like to donate towards a project, please see our sponsorship page. Even the smallest donation can make a difference.

News & Events

Face Nepal News

February 2019
Please take a look at our latest annual newsletter here!

August 2018
We are delighted to welcome Philippine, a recent volunteer, to the International Board of Directors!

January 2018
We welcomed our first volunteers of 2018 in recent weeks; two from Switzerland & another from Indonesia. A strong start to 2018!

December 2017
We have reached an amazing milestone with 60 students sponsored! The amount of children needing support is always greater than the amount of sponsors, so we'll continue to add names to the list.

July 2017
After great interest in the past, we've broadened our goals for sponsorship and now have 30 additional children we hope to support! They are located in our primary areas of Jutpani and Ganganagar, and the costs start at £93/$116 per year. For more details please see our Facebook page.

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