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FACE Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established by local community representatives and supported by former Nepal community volunteers. FACE Nepal was established in the wake of increasing social, educational, and environmental problems in the rural and urban areas, combined with a growing community frustration with inadequate resource distribution, project coordination and planning from existing aid and volunteer organizations.

With these concerns in mind, FACE Nepal has established itself as the only independent, Nepali run, volunteer aid organization with a transparent operating and cost structure, an international auditing board and a locally collaborative and inclusive strategic planning framework.



Helen, UK, 2013 -
"My host family were perfect hosts and I was comfortable from the moment I walked into their house. It seems they think about their guest first and foremost and they were unbelievably attentive, even the children.

When I went to the school where I was working they held a welcome ceremony for me which was overwhelming in the nicest way imaginable and I know I won’t have another experience like it again in my life. The teachers at the school were amazing and came into school on their day off to take part in my sessions. Classroom sessions were noisy, interactive and loads of fun!

I loved it there and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. "

Sandy, Canada, 2012 -
"FaceNepal is an amazing charity. It was great from the moment I was picked up – I was so well taken care of. Nepali people have a kind and generous nature and I always felt respected when I was with the kids I was teaching or out in the town.

I raised a small amount of money to donate for projects – the way in which these funds were allocated was amazing. The gratitude and outpouring of support expressed at the project closing ceremony moved me to tears. My time with FaceNepal has changed my point of view and I have a deeper appreciation for those in my life, both locally and around the world. I came looking for adventure and left my heart and memory full of great experiences."

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Face Nepal is run locally by a committee of Nepali citizens including a Managing Director and the volunteer Advisory Board.

An International Board of Directors also volunteer their strategy skills and expertise while providing governance and scrutiny.


The International Board of Directors (BOD) provides an additional source of knowledge and scrutiny to the activities of FACE Nepal . The Board of Directors also makes itself available to receive direct feedback from local Nepali communities and FACE Nepal volunteers via either a web page or email. It works in close collaboration with the locally based FACE Nepal, and many members are former volunteers with FACE Nepal or other volunteer organisations.

The BOD is responsible for final approval of strategic plans, community diagnostics and project funding. The BOD also holds authority over the appointments for Managing Director (MD) and Advisory Board members. It holds a bi-annual internet conference and receives annual accounts and auditing documents. It receives reports throughout the year of volunteer meetings and Advisory Board meetings. At least twice a year it receives updates on ongoing and potential projects, current volunteer activities, and the welfare of sponsored children.


Face Nepal is run locally by a volunteer committee comprised of Nepali citizens. The Advisory Board (AB) consists of 6 men and women of various castes which ensures that a range of groups and communities have representation. Members of the Board are currently involved in public schooling, community education, environmental conservation, health, social work and media and use their skills and contacts for the benefit of FACE Nepal.

The Advisory Board establishes community development plans and needs and approves projects using the feedback of FACE Nepal volunteers and the local community network. This is done in collaboration with the International Board of Directors.

The Advisory Board meets every two months to approve projects, establish community development plans, assess the feedback of volunteers and the local network and support the operations of the Managing Director.


The Managing Director (MD) oversees all local activities including support of volunteers. The MD has a close relationship with local communities and communicates needs and concerns to the Advisory Board.

The MD remains in post for two years and FACE Nepal's current MD is Shreeram Devkota.


FACE Nepal maintains close relationships with local communities and often there is an individual who can work as a representative for their community to FACE Nepal. Through dialogue and meetings FACE Nepal is made aware of issues or areas of concern and can offer support through design of a volunteer project or fundraising. The community representatives support FACE Nepal in turn by providing reports on the progress or success of projects, taking an active interest in sponsored children and supporting volunteers working within their community.


FACE Nepal has made the following formal appointments:
  • Lawyer - A reputable local lawyer with connections to community development has been appointed to overview all legal aspects of FACE Nepal.
  • Accountant - An independent accountant has been appointed to compile and audit all financial practices. Long-term an internationally reputable firm will be sought to provide auditing and diagnostic support on a voluntary basis.

In the future, FACE Nepal may extend their structure to include the following paid positions which will work directly for the MD:

  • Regional or Area Coordinators - to overview the daily operations of regional areas or organizational portfolios, including child sponsorships and volunteer programs.
  • Project Planners - to select and overview development projects on a case-by-case basis.
  • Administration Support - to enhance the local English and administrative capability of FACE Nepal.


  • The Managing Director is reappointed every two years by a community recommendation to the advisory board. The final recommendation and feedback is then approved by the BOD.
  • Volunteers and the Advisory Board have a direct line of communication with the BOD.
  • The Managing Director has limited authority in regards to the selection of funds distribution. Their role is primarily to oversee the implementation of the organizational strategy and support the volunteering projects and programs. The Advisory Group will present bi-annual recommendations for final approval to the BOD for any major project investments.
  • The Advisory Board and the BOD will comprise of mixed psychographic and demographic profiles to ensure that representation from all areas is present in strategic decision making.
  • All Advisory Board and the BOD will be voluntary only so there is no financial agenda involved in their participation.
  • There is a "no-nepotism" rule within FACE Nepal and all appointments are made on merit.
GOV. REG. NO. 37-2060-61 | PAN. NO. 301868185