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Live, eat, and interact with a welcoming host family

Experience daily life in your home away from home. Volunteers are unlikely to leave Nepal without having made many new friends. Volunteers will experience festivals and local events from an inside view.

Sandy, Canada 2012

"FaceNepal is an amazing charity. It was great from the moment I was picked up – I was so well taken care of. Nepali people have a kind and generous nature and I always felt respected when I was with the kids I was teaching or out in the town.

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From the time volunteers arrive in Nepal until they complete their volunteer programme they will live with a host family. The host family will provide Nepali food to the volunteer with the family members twice a day (around 9 o' clock in the morning and 7 o' clock in the evening). Tea (chiya) is served in the morning and in the afternoon. In the house volunteers will live as part of the family. By living with a Nepalese family volunteers have the unique opportunity to connect on a personal level with Nepal's people and culture. The host family stay also provides an excellent opportunity for volunteers to use new language skills and to actually experience Nepali culture.

Volunteers will have their own private bedroom and an internal power supply but all other facilities will be shared. Rural areas of Nepal often have fickle power supplies as well as often being weather dependent, so volunteers are encouraged to bring a flaslight. In the urban areas or care centers volunteers' standard of living will include bathroom facilities with access to toilets and showers but rural host stays have squat toilets and pump washing facilities. Clothes washing will be by hand. If the volunteer's rural host family does not have a phone one will be in an adjacent village. Internet access will be available at the nearest regional centre.

Volunteers may have the opportunity to get together with other volunteers and share their experiences. Volunteers will be able to travel to nearby towns to purchase items for daily use and many past volunteers have travelled to other parts of Nepal for longer visits.

Name and Location of the Host Family:

Name: Sita Pun

Total Family size: 5(2 Sons and 1 Daughter)

Education: Literate

Location: Patihani-6, Chitwan, Nepal

Accomodation and food is provided to our volunteers in their homestays.

Name: Suvadra Acharya

Total Family size: 4(1 Sons and 1 Daughter)

Education: Literate

Location: Gaindakot-1, Nawalparasi, Nepal

Volunteers will live with and experience the life of an ordinary Nepalese family.

Name: Tika Dhakal

Total Family size: 3(1 Son)

Education: Literate

Location: Gaindakot-1, Nawalparasi, Nepal

Experience living in a whole new environement and culture in your homestay.

Name: Chinta mani Acharya

Total Family size: 4(2 Sons)

Education: Literate

Location: Ratnanagar, Chitwan Nepal

Experience the daily life of a Nepalese community.

Name: Laxmi Acharya

Total Family size: 9

Education : Literate

Volunteers should be prepared for the delicious food of Nepal - especially the National Dish: Dhal Bhat.

Name: Sarita Devkota

Total Family size: 4 (1 Sons and 1 Daughter)

Education : Literate

Location: Patihani-6, Chitwan, Nepal

Volunteers in homestays will have their own private room and electricity supply.
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