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*Please note that as of 2016 the majority of our up-to-date news is on our Facebook page .


August 15 - We are delighted to welcome Philippine, a recent volunteer, to the International Board of Directors!

January 16 - We welcomed our first volunteers of 2018 in recent weeks; two from Switzerland & another from Indonesia. A strong start to 2018!


December 15 - We have reached an amazing milestone with 60 students sponsored! The amount of children needing support is always greater than the amount of sponsors, so we'll continue to add names to the list.

July 9th - After great interest in the past, we've broadened our goals for sponsorship and now have 30 additional children we hope to support! They are located in our primary areas of Jutpani and Ganganagar, and the costs start at £93/$116 per year.

April 2nd - Local communities have provided the profiles of thirty needy children requiring sponsorship to ensure they can attend school. Those interested can contact us via our Facebook page or this site.

January 21st - We welcomed our newest member of the International Board, Vinita Schurch. Vinita has volunteered twice with FACE Nepal and has extensive experience working with NGOs in Nepal


December 12th - Our latest annual newsletter is now available, showcasing all our work during 2016. The links are above in the 'Archive' portion of this page.

December 10th - Our Managing Director, Shreeram Devkota, has produced some videos to provide a good introduction to Nepali schools and village life for volunteers: Bagmara Village, Kamalpur school, and general school life.

June 12th - We are fortunate enough to mark 18 months working with the University of the West of England, UK and have recieved a kind donation from their Students Union. We are proud to continue a fantastic relationship and appreciate the support provided by faculty and staff.

May 12th - Sam, a volunteer who is a qualified electrician, has now completed the rewiring of a public school in Patihani, improving safety and availability of power.

April 18th - As a new school year begins, we are delighted to be providing school supplies for 40 needy children thanks to our generous sponsors!

January 16th - Our latest annual newsletter has been released for 2015please see our archive above for the link.


December 6th - Funds raised by the University of the West of England's faculty of Business and Law as well as their Entrepreneurship programme has been used to rebuild a roof at a Chitwan primary school. It has also provided basic materials such as whiteboards and microscopes to a lower secondary school. Once the harvest is complete, this money will be also used to build a new learning centre and three new toilets in impoverished communities.

September 26th - Earthquake rebuild efforts continue with the rebuild of the roof at Pashupati Higher Secondary School and the walls of Ijara Lower Secondary School, both completely destroyed.

July 3rd - We are delighted that the UK and US Governments have lifted travel restrictions to Nepal and we can now accept volunteers again!

July 1st - A big thank you to the faculty of Business and Law at the University of the West of England who raised over £800 for FACE Nepal at their summer fair.

June 13th - We have been overwhelmed by the support shown by so many to the people of Nepal. We have been able to raise over $19,000 for our relief campaign. So far, we have supported over 200 families with shelter and food and are now focusing attention on rebuild efforts.

April 11th - We have (finally!) had our budget approved by the Nepali Government — we will now look to commence and fund a variety of community projects across Chitwan and Jutpani.

February 22nd - The Advisory Board has signed off 30 additional needy children for sponsorship — now we will work to get them sponsors!


December 2nd - Our annual newsletter for 2014 is now availble — jampacked with updates and photos of our work this year. Please click the link in the newsletter archive above.

November 23rd - We were delighted to host our now annual sponsored children picnic, bringing together our current 18 sponsor children to socialise outside of school and to meet our volunteers and advisory board.

September 27th - We are happy to have five volunteers working in the community at the moment, and look forward to welcoming one more in addition to our International Board chairman in the next few weeks.

April 5th - FACE Nepal is now fully registered with the Nepali social welfare council, providing additional transparency for FACE Nepal and the ability to raise additional funds to support our projects.

January 5th - Our annual newsletter for 2013 is now available. Please click the link in the newsletter archive above.


October 27th - We welcome three new volunteers — Robyn, Kate and Rebecca! We are delighted to have them alongside Ruth, Hannah and Omar helping local communities.

October 15th - In the past few months we have welcomed volunteers from the UK, Mexico, Austria, and the USA. We continue to search for volunteers to teach in our community centres.

April 15th - We have said goodbye to Ben who taught at Jutpani Community School and was sent off in style by his friends and colleagues at the school! He now heads to the Everest region for trekking. The new school year has begun and thanks to our sponsors, we now support 19 children who would not be attending school otherwise.

March 15th - Helen has just completed her programme as the first volunteer to teach at Jutpani school. Her efforts and ability were hugely appreciated by her colleagues here. We are excited about sending more volunteers to Jutpani to build on her work!


August 17th - Over the summer we have been delighted to have a number of volunteers from all over the world. Sandy from Canada and Jemmy from China taught in Patalahara learning centre. Elise from France taught in our newest learning centre, in Ganganagar. And Kinga from Poland is currently with FACE Nepal teaching English at the Ganganagar learning centre.

July 15th - Thanks to the generosity of our Second Base partners, we have now increased the number of children being sponsored through school from 12 children to 19. The sponsorship makes a huge impact on their lives — usually, it is the difference between going to school or not. Thank you so much to all our sponsors.

May 13th - Thanks to the generous donation of former volunteer Adele and her friends, we have completed a number of projects. These include a new water tap at the Kumiya learning centre, a school painting project in Brahmapuri, and a new library at a public college campus.


April 24th - We have now built our third community learning centre. This is located in a village where most people are of a very low caste. This labour and support was primarily the local women's group alongside a group of Second Base participants from New Zealand. It was funded by Second Base, a private donation from two of our supporters, and the women's group themselves.

April 17th - We look forward to welcoming a group from New Zealand tomorrow to complete the construction of our third learning centre. A volunteer, Jasmine, is about to commence the village survey, the first stage in the model village selection process.

April 4th - A group from Second Base have recently visited, and their efforts, the efforts of the Kumiya community, and financing from Jacob, has meant that the road improvements in Kumiya are finally complete!

March 13th - Martina, a volunteer from Egypt has arrived to teach English and to use her skills as an artist to create displays to boost the tourism potential of locally run community forests. We look forward to welcoming a Second Base group to extend the road improvement scheme in Kumiya at the end of the month.

February 25th - We have welcomed Kala, our volunteer from Malaysia, who has come to teach English in Patalahara learning centre and has brought lots of materials kindly donated by her friends and colleagues. The toilet at Ganganagar has been completed and now the villagers are eager to build a learning centre.

February 10th - The toilet in Ganganagar is almost complete. The villagers in Kumiya have completed the second stage of the road improvement project. We eagerly await Second Base Delegates in March when the road wall and widening will be completed. We have said goodbye to our volunteer Sophia, a qualified nurse who has worked in our community health post.

January 7th - Thanks to a donation from FACE Nepal supporter Jacob, the villagers in Kumiya are in the process of extending the improved road through the village. This will protect crops and will increase safety for the 1,000+ school children who use the road every day. We have also started construction on a toilet in Ganganagar, thanks to a private donation from two supporters, Kevin & Cathy. This will provide public toilet facilities for people who currently have no toilet access.

January 1st - We are now in Nepal Tourism Year 2011. This is a major initiative involving Central and Local Government, local communities, private companies and NGOs to bring more tourists to experience the beauty and culture of Nepal for the benefit of the Nepali people. FACE Nepal's managing director has been appointed to the local tourism board and we hope to provide support in 2011 for projects which will benefit the community as part of Tourism Year 2011, as well as bringing in volunteers.


December 29th - The villagers of Kumiya are finalising the road improvement, with financial support from a FACE Nepal donor. This will provide safer journeys for the villagers and 1,000 children that attend school in Kumiya. We are also looking forward to welcoming new volunteers to work at Health Posts and teach English in January

November 28th - We have placed volunteers in Hanumanager Lower Secondary School, where they have been made to feel very welcome by teachers, students, and the management committee. We are creating proposals for funding, based on community requests, for a library, a road extension, and toilets.

November 15th - We have welcomed back our volunteer Staci, who will teach English in the community centres at Patalahara and Kumiya. We hope to place volunteers in a Government school in Hanumanagar to help teachers there with English and IT classes

November 2nd - We have just said goodbye to a number of volunteers. Our American volunteer, Lauren has returned home after spending two months at FACE Nepal teaching English to children in our community centers and in the local Government school, and has made a significant impact on these children. Jessica and William, who were our first volunteers to work in the Himalayas, have completed their project at Helambu, where they taught and assisted with improving the school IT Facilities. They made such a great impact on the communities there that we now have the relationships in place to allow future volunteers to work in this exciting area. Work continues to progress at the Kumiya Learning Centre, with a new tin roof installed, and thanks to a generous donor, a toilet installed. The village now has a number of ideas to make the most of these new facilities, and we hope to work with them to deliver this. A new volunteer, Daniel, has joined us for six months, and we have also been pleased to welcome Ann, a member of the International Board of Directors and former volunteer who has been working to gather information for the newsletter, and to continue to improve our office organization.

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