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                                                                                   November 2011/Mangsir 2068


Hello Friends, Team members, Contributors and all Participants who have contributed funds, time and knowledge. 

Namaste Friends! 


This past year has brought a number of organisational challenges to FaceNepal. We have undergone a full organisational restructure which has meant that, for a short time, we had to put a hold on any volunteering placements. We have now made a number of

very positive changes which will see a great deal more support and structure offed to volunteers.

These changes include a transition of some of Shreeram’s roles and responsibilities over time to a team of local employees.

FaceNepal will now be run locally by a team of three employees in the following roles:


v  Full time administration, accounts and office management – post occupied by Reema Mahato

v  Part time Managing Director – post occupied by Shreeram Devkota

v  Full time Project Coordinator – appointment currently underway


Mr. Chuderaj Timilsina has also been appointed as the Chair of the Advisory Board which is a voluntary post.



Description: F:\nepal 2068 2011\2011-11-22 Nepal 2011\Nepal 2011 353.JPG



The FaceNepal Advisory Board at their meeting in the office in November 2011/Kartik 2068. From left to right back row: Chuderaj Timilsina, Sangita Acharya, Reema Mahato, Shreeram Devkota. Front row: Jitu Mahato, Govinda Sharma, Bhavanath Adhikiri.

Our Volunteers


FaceNepal and the people and projects it is involved with again benefited from the the time and talents of our volunteers over the past year.


We have welcomed Laura and Jessica from the USA, Jasmine from Singapore, Tiffany from the USA, Kala from Malaysia, Chris from Canada and Martina from Egypt.


Jessica and Laura taught two groups in the Ganganagar Learning Centre. They also created a Handicraft Proposal. Development of this initiative is ongoing and the Advisory Board is due to discuss stratgegies for marketing, especially on an international level. In the meantime, it is proposed that collaboration with the Women’s Group of Ganganagar and the women of Siruvadi be facilitated, In the village of Siruvadi there is a project already running which offers tourists a cultural experience for a modes fee and the opportunity to buy traditional handicrafts.

Tiffany taught in Kumiya Learning Centre and started to set up relationships with schools in Patihani and schools in the USA to give support and exchange of ideas.

Martina from Egypt taught with Kala in the Learning Centre at Ganganagar. She also was involved with a painting project at Belsahar Community Forest Office. FaceNepal is also grateful to Daniel’s uncle, Robert Martin, who funded the painting of the Forest Centre and also donated money which was used to buy copy books for fifty of the poorest children in Shree Secondary School. (More details about Daniel below.)


Description: C:\Users\Ann\Desktop\forest office 1.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Ann\Desktop\Forest office.jpg



Jasmine undertook a survey of the village of Ganganagar and subsequently produced an excellent proposal to generate funds for the development of the village. Jasmine also taught in the Patalahara Learning Centre.

Kala and Chris taught in the Ganganagar Learning Centre and Tiffany taught in the Kumiya Learning Centre.

Teaching of English in the Learning Centres is always appreciated by the children and young adults. They value understanding and speaking of the English language highly so are always keen to learn and they do enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world. Audits in the past have shown that these extra classes have a positive and measurable effect on the children’s school performance.


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Kala also helped to take 25 children from Ganganagar and Patalahara Learning Centres to Kathmandu for an educational tour. The children visited Swayambunath, a Thangka painting school and the zoo.


We encourage volunteers to document their experience and give feedback. Chris has developed formal documentation for this which we hope gives volunteers necessary guidance and an effective template to use. Feedback, including negative feedback, is always discussed and used to help improve the performance of FaceNepal and the experiences it hopes to offer to volunteers. We are certain that the new team of staff will provide an excellent service to our volunteers



Josh, Jasmine’s uncle came from Singapore with funds he had raised there for a project in Ganganagar. The survey done by Jasmine highlighted that two families were without a toilet. The labour was done by the families themselves which meant that both of the toilets could be constructed with the funds donated by Josh. The same donation also meant that the school garden project could go ahead at Shree Secondary School, Ganganagar, a classroom board could be provided and several garbage bins could be constructed and place in the village. We would like to thank Josh and the people who supported him in fund raising for their generous help.


Description: C:\Users\Ann\Desktop\newsletter\Toilet 7.jpg               Description: F:\nepal 2068 2011\2011-11-22 Nepal 2011\Nepal 2011 338.JPG

Daniel Lawrence from Cardiff, Wales, UK was our longest serving volunteer last year and consequently has become very attached to FaceNepal. Daniel is continuing to work for and support FaceNepal in his official role as a Member of the International Board of Directors. Daniel’s contribution to FaceNepal has been invaluable. He reorganised the financial reporting system and trained Reema to follow and implement it. He also put in place processes for the planning and evaluating of major projects, arranged placement for and supported volunteers, worked to increase FaceNepal’s online presence, coordinated visits of the Second-base team with Shreeram and coordinated Advisory Board meetings amongst countless other responsibilities. Daniel also taught IT at Shree Lower Secondary School, Hanumanagar to Grades 6 and 7 (ages 12 to 13).



Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\IMG_0958-1.JPG



Daniel continues to fundraise in the UK and has raised a considerable sum of money to donate towards a project. The Advisory Board will make a decision at their next meeting about which project would best benefit from this donation. There have been several applications for projects to benefit local and wider ranging communities; formal processes are being followed and the Advisory Board will decide where help will be directed.


While Daniel was in Patihani his father, Kevin, came to visit and he and Daniel’s mother, Cathy, very generously funded the building of a toilet for the Learning Centre in Ganganagar. They were inspired by the hospitality and determination of the Ganganagar community and so they contributed a large part of the funding for the building of the Learning Centre as well. We would like to thank them and the Second-base Parents and Teens team on behalf of the people of Ganganagar. Everyone involved were thanked formally in the recent Cultural Programme in Ganganagar. The Learning Centre was used as a meeting place for villagers to organize the event.







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The Learning Centre and toilet at Ganganagar





Kumiya is the first village to benefit from FaceNepal’s model village concept. Although our work has extended to include other projects, the villagers of Kumiya, FaceNepal and Second-base continue to collaborate and develop ideas for the continuing improvement of the village and the lives of the people there.

Jacob and Darren, both Second-base participants have contributed to the further completion of the road project in Kumiya. Jacob has left funding for completion of the road itself and Darren, through his company BGL, has left funding for further planting alongside the road. Darren has committed to ongoing involvement with FaceNepal and has now been officially accepted as one of the Members of the International Board of Directors.



Description: F:\nepal 2068 2011\2011-11-22 Nepal 2011\Nepal 2011 139.JPG Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Nepal 2011 125.jpg


                  Seedling trees can be seen to the left of     A picture of fully grown trees to give an

                                        the road                                      idea of how the road will be lined         




This year’s visits from the Second-base teams resulted in the completion of two major projects. Second-base participants (and their contacts) either wholly or part-funded the projects and then provided their own labour in helping to complete the work involved.


The Parents and Teens team and villagers together built Ganganagar Learning Centre (photographs above) which serves as a classroom when volunteers provide lesson to the children and also as a meeting place for the villagers including the Women’s Committee. Preparation for the building took the villagers two days and then it was completed in four days with the help of the Parents and Teems team. The Charri Women’s group of Ganganagar has been proactive and instrumental in facilitating and contributing to this project.

More photographs of the Parents and Teens Leadership programme can be found on this link: www.youtube.com/wath?v=0MgIMLgFe5M




  Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\DSC06016-1.JPGDescription: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\DSC06003.JPG


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Every participant of the Parents and Teens group chose to sponsor between one and three children while they were in Nepal.



The second Second-base team helped to paint the new building in Shree Lower Secondary school in Sundarbasti, Patihani 4.

They also donated ten desk top computers, computer furniture and office furniture. The photos show how much work was involved and how much difference it has made.



Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\Pre Completion 1.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\WIP 3.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\Local Help.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\WIP 2.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\WIP.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\Computer Room Complete.jpg


Description: F:\nepal 2068 2011\2011-11-22 Nepal 2011\Nepal 2011 124.JPG


The school today




Child Sponsorships



We now have eleven sponsored children who are able to attend school with the provision of educational materials, uniforms and tiffin (lunch) and have their exam fees paid. The benefit to them of receiving education and having the daily contact with their peers is immeasurable and has encouraged non-attending siblings to go to school. The value of the support given by their sponsors extends beyond the individual children and positively influences their families and the whole community.


Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\School Children 2.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\School Children 3.jpg



Details of how children can be sponsored, either for education alone or with the provision of a home and daily needs, are available by emailing us at info@facenepal.org

One-off donations which can fund educational trips or help to provide costs for items such as uniforms are also welcome.



Description: C:\Users\Ann\AppData\Local\Temp\School Children 4.jpgDescription: F:\nepal 2068 2011\2011-11-22 Nepal 2011\Nepal 2011 345.JPG


Description: F:\nepal 2068 2011\2011-11-22 Nepal 2011\Nepal 2011 441.JPG

Daniel, Darren and Ann, members of FaceNepal International Board of Directors based in the UK are currently starting the process of registering FaceNepal as a Small Charity in the UK. Donations, fundraising and subsequent transactions will be facilitated by this registration and will also provide a clearer, auditable pathway of accounts in the UK and transfer of funds to Nepal.


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Darren, Daniel and Ann at their recent meeting






Volunteer Projects available with FACE Nepal:

Teaching English

Caring for children in an orphanage

Librarian project

Construction project

Administration in the Head Office

Environment project

Health Specialist project



Details of projects currently offered can be found on our website: www.facenepal.org

Alternatively you can email the Managing Director, Shreeram Devkota, on: info@facenepal.org  or shreedevkota@yahoo.com






***FaceNepal is now on twitter. http://twitter.com/#!/FACENepal**




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Local scenes






For more information about Second-base please visit: www.second-base.org 
For any further information about FaceNepal, its past and current projects please visit www.facenepal.org or contact Shreeram Devkota at: info@facenepal.org 
To comment on any information in this Newsletter please contact Ann Bartholomew at: bartholomew@ann055.orangehome.co.uk 
























The Newsletter is usually sent out in November of each year – apologies for the delay this year which has been due to unforeseen IT difficulties.


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