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    At FACE Nepal we do our best to match your needs and skills to the right experience and community. Please read on to gain a better understanding of what your options as a volunteer are, and what you can expect during your time with us.

    Types of Programmes Offered

    1. Individual Volunteer Projects

    Volunteers will make make new friends as they contribute to the development of Nepal.Volunteer programs are devised in collaboration with local organisations and communities and are based on the demands and needs of local residents. These programs are often flexible enabling you to develop close relationships with the communities involved. Programmes currently available include:

    *Community Teaching Projects
    *Environmental Conservation Projects
    *IT Support

    There is also the opportunity to design your own program based around your own skills & experience. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this.

    2. Team Building Volunteer Projects

    Our meaningful team building programmes will create a lasting bond.

    A FACE Nepal project is a challenging and culturally rich way to get your team working together. These unique aid projects help build a sense of team camaraderie whilst providing the participants with a feeling of perspective, appreciation and satisfaction for a cause well done. Our aims include:

    *Building Team Cohesion and Relationships
    *Developing a Sense of Social Responsibility
    *Instilling a Sense of Appreciation and Grounding
    *Contributing to a Worthy Cause
    *Gaining a Culturally Rich Life Experience

    3. Specialist Aid Volunteering

    If you are a field specialist in a practical area (this could include medical, dental, electrical, engineering etc.), FACE Nepal will aim to organise a volunteer experience based on your skill-set and the community needs. Expertise in basic health care, building and other hands-on areas are sorely needed in rural Chitwan and FACE Nepal will endevaour to cover or at least assist in your costs.

    We will allocate you to a location based on our Community Development Plan, though please do let us know any preferences. Personal excursions and the inclusion of personal interests will be incorporated upon request (at your personal cost).

    Expectations & Regional Information

    Odette, Canada: "I have chosen to come with Face Nepal because the setting of the organization international board of director and advisory board and too because the program which I am involved seems to me very valuable. For these reasons I am confident that my contribution of money and work will be accounting properly.
    I am very lucky, having the opportunity to share such a great experience here."
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    For an in-depth look at the volunteer experience and the support we offer, please read our information booklet found here.

    Additionally, prior to your arrival you will be asked to sign a code of conduct. For access to that please click here, and do contact us with any questions regarding it.

    A short summary of the information booklet is as follows:

    1. Arrival

    You will be greeted at the airport by a FACE Nepal team member and taken to your accommodation, a guest house. FACE Nepal can arrange all your accommodation needs regardless of the commencement date of your program, and our representative will also orientate you with the city.

    You will be given contact details for support staff at this stage and an itinerary for your first few weeks.

    2. Placement

    When you have completed your training (see ORIENTATION) and are ready to commence your programme, you will be escorted to your placement by a FACE Nepal Liaison Officer, who will stay to see you settled in. All placements will have a hospitable host family, approved by FACE Nepal, and a local FACE Nepal representative nearby. Both parties will be capable of conversing in basic English. These parties are here to ensure you enjoy your stay and are fully equipped to undertake your volunteer program. You will also be introduced to any other volunteers and local hosting parties.

    During your placement, members of our FACE Nepal team will continually check-in with you to ensure you are adjusting well. Your family and friends are also welcome to contact our FACE Nepal office should they have any queries or concerns about you, or if they wish to visit you in your placement. We are happy to arrange any necessary details including collection from the airport, transportation, and accommodation for them.

    3. Completion

    FACE Nepal will make sure that you are supported from time you arrive to the time you leave.Upon completion of your program, you will have a leaving ceremony organised by our local team as a thank you for the value you have brought to our charity. We will then assist with transport and accomodation leading up to your departure. Should you wish to travel after your programme, we can assist you with any on-going arrangements.

    After your FACE Nepal experience, we will ask you for feedback. We consider all feedback valuable and appreciate any opportunities for improvement. You may also be a random recipient of a quality control survey upon your departure. These surveys are internal documents undertaken by the international Board of Directors (BOD) and used to ensure overall satisfaction in our programmes.

    4. Personal Excursions

    FACE Nepal are happy to assist you in the arrangements of any excursions and help you find the best rates available. We can also manage your timetable so that any personal interests are incorporated into your stay. In a schooling situation, this may involve the placement of temporary teaching cover to support your absence.

    5. Ongoing Relationship

    As a contributor to FACE Nepal, we consider you a team member for life. We have an annual newsletter which will be sent to you and we will aid you in any on-going correspondence you may wish to have with local communities.

    Program Locations

    FACE Nepal is based in Pakadi, between Bharatpur and the Chitwan national park. Our office and the majority of our local team are within easy reach of Pakadi. Therefore, the vast majority of our volunteer placements are in the Chitwan area; we have a strong presence in the villages of Patihani, Ganganagar, Kumiya and Jutpani. In recent years we have begun to branch out into the neighbouring hill country including the municipality of Gaindakot.


    When people think of Nepal, they think of soaring snow-clad mountains. Despite this, nearly half of the country's population lives on a narrow strip of flat and fertile land that lies wedged between the Indian border and the mountains. This is known as the Terai. One of the well known tourist sites of the Terai region is Chitwan whose name means "heart of the jungle". This area is one of the last surviving examples of the continuous band of forests and grasslands which once extended from the Indus River in Pakistan to the Burmese border.

    The main attraction of Chitwan is Chitwan National Park, the first and most famous national park of Nepal. The Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to teeming wildlife such as the rare great one-horned rhinoceros and the elusive Royal Bengal tiger. Besides these, Chitwan also supports a great variety of flora and fauna and several species of elephant, deer, sloth bear, leopard and wild boar. Gaur (the world's largest wild cattle) and many other smaller animals have made the Chitwan jungle their home. The swamps and riverside provide a home to marsh crocodiles and the rare and endangered Gharihal or Gangetic crocodile. Volunteers in Chitwan are conveniently placed to visit the Park and experience activities such as an elephant ride through the jungle, bird watching and canoe rides on the Rapti River.


    Esbet Asign, Turkey: "I left my heart in Nepal, with the women and the children I taught. I came back and I grew. Now I have an even bigger heart, ready to go again, ready to love again..." >> Read More
    Note: This training outline will differ slightly dependent on the volunteer's programme and whether your timetable accommodates this framework.

    Training is generally provided over the course of one week and is designed to introduce you to FACE Nepal, and to ensure you receive an introduction to Nepali language, culture and customs.

    General Orientation

    Firstly, volunteers will be given their programme schedule, and an overview of FACE Nepal's structure and cost accounting framework. This is followed by health care tips, cultural "Do's & Don'ts" and advice on the protocol of interacting with the volunteer's host family and wider community. The nature of this orientation is informal, and will consist of discussions with FACE Nepal representatives, host families, and other volunteers as well as access to FACE Nepal's volunteer library.

    Language Training

    FACE Nepal offers one-on-one or group based introductory Nepali language courses. You will be taught basic communication skills by our professional language teacher and at your own pace. After your language tuition, you will have access to books and support to continue any language training throughout your placement. The ultimate aim is to help volunteers achieve foundational skills in Nepali language and culture before and during your programme. You will have many opportunities to use and improve the new language with your host family and throughout your stay. If volunteers want further formal training this can be arranged for an additional cost.

    Local & Cultural Orientation

    As an introduction to Nepalese culture and history, we take all volunteers on a tour of various historic sights in the Kathmandu Valley. Following that, we will help you with orientation of your placement area. This includes ensuring you can find essential places such as the Immigration Office and local post offices, banks, communication centres and health clinics. Volunteers will be given an overview of the religion, culture, history, caste system, politics and geography of Nepal. We will also discuss necessary precautions and generally help to prepare you for the diversity of Nepali life.

    Living with your Nepalese host family will also provide a culturally rich environment for volunteers and they will answer any questions you may have on customs and traditions.

    If you have any special training requests or questions about volunteer training, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    During the first two days in Nepal, volunteers will be taken to local tourist sights in the Kathmandu area. Any additional tourist preferences during your stay will be incorporated upon your request. Favoured inclusions are:

    a. Trekking
    b. Yoga, Reikhi or Meditation Classes
    c. Hindu or Buddism retreats
    d. Mount Everest Sight Seeing Ventures
    e. White Water Rafting
    f. Safaris
    g. Mountain Biking

    During the orientation (and after) volunteers will be exposed to the wonderful environment and culture of Nepal.


    Helen, UK 2013 "My host family were perfect hosts and I was comfortable from the moment I walked into their house. It seems they think about their guest first and foremost and they were unbelievably attentive, even the children. When I went to the school where I was working they held a welcome ceremony for me which was overwhelming in the nicest way imaginable and I know I wont have another experience like it again in my life. " >> Read More
    Volunteer Application Process:

    1. Choose one of the registration forms below & complete all the information therein.
    2. FACE Nepal will review your application within 5 days and will notify you regarding your acceptance. You will receive an email reserving your position, and should send us any flight details once booked.
    3. After we have received your flight details you will receive an email confirming your volunteer position and advising you of arrival and accommodation information.
    4. Upon arrival in Nepal you will be asked to sign our Code of Conduct and pay the programme fees.

    Volunteer Registration Forms:

    1. Individual Volunteer Registration
    2. Team Building or Group Registration
    3. Specialist Aid Registration

    Please email the completed form as an attachment back to us at info@facenepal.org. If you have any questions concerning the application process please feel free to contact us.

    Volunteer Programme Fee

    Volunteering costs are broken down into two parts: application costs & programme costs. FACE Nepal operates on a minimal overhead with all of its international members and most of its local members supporting the organisation in a voluntary capacity. As a result the majority of your fees go directly to the community.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the fees outlined, we are happy to provide you an in-depth breakdown of the distribution of your funds.

    Application Costs

    Volunteer Application Fees US$25 (Non- refundable) This fee covers the immediate design and coordination of your requested volunteer program and is payable upon your confirmation of attendance.

    Team Project Application Fees US$100 (Non-refundable) This fee covers the cost of the program design, project cost analysis and other organisational planning and is payable upon your request for a detailed project proposal.

    Programme Costs

    The following fees are payable upon the commencement of your training in Nepal and are based around the duration of your stay. They are typically given in cash and you will be issued a receipt. If you would feel more comfortable transferring money in advance, we can arrange this- please email us

    NOTE: Specialist skills may be exempt from fees and applicable to international sponsorship. Please enquire if you wish to investigate your applicability under this clause.

    NOTE: Group project costs will differ if any additional needs are requested (i.e. conference facilities, alternative accommodation etc.)

    DURATION OF VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COST (USD) (most other currencies are acceptable)

    During the orientation (and after) volunteers will be exposed to the wonderful environment and culture of Nepal.

    2 weeks: US$445
    3 weeks: US$496
    4 weeks: US$548
    5 weeks: US$600
    6 weeks: US$652
    7 weeks: US$704
    8 weeks: US$755
    9 weeks: US$807
    10 weeks: US$859
    11 weeks: US$911
    12 weeks: US$962
    13 weeks: US$1,014
    14 weeks: US$1,066
    15 weeks: US$1,118
    16 weeks: US$1,169
    17 weeks: US$1,221
    18 weeks: US$1,273
    19 weeks: US$1,325
    20 weeks: US$1,377
    For more than 20 weeks Please contact us.

    Cost Inclusions

    These fees include:
    • Volunteer's accommodation and meals from the commencement of training and including two additional nights upon completion.
    • All volunteer transport from airport to orientation and then further to placement, including site-seeing around Kathmandu,
    • Any volunteer orientation costs.
    • All volunteer training costs.
    • The cost of a project manager or assisting FACE Nepal personnel to provide support to volunteers.
    • The purchase of any necessary teaching/project materials.
    • Contribution to host families.
    • Contribution to FACE Nepal operating costs.
    • Contribution to FACE Nepal project investments and supervision.

    Cost Exclusions:

    These fees exclude:
    • Volunteer's personal airfares and airport departure taxes
    • Travel insurance
    • Visa costs
    • Beverages and food beyond meals provided by the host family
    • Personal excursions and travel
    • Any other personal needs of the volunteer while staying with the host family


    While any donated items are gratefully received by FACE Nepal, we do not ask for these from volunteers, and unfortunately these cannot be accepted in lieu of, or towards, program fees

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