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       FACE Nepal Volunteer Programmes

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1. Volunteer Programs

Volunteers will make make new friends as they contribute to the development of Nepal.Volunteer programs are organized in collaboration with local organizations and communities and are based on the demands and needs of community people. These programs are often flexible enabling you to develop close relationships with the communities involved. As such, our programs are local initiatives with full community support and cooperation which is critical for their sustainability. Programs which are currently available include

*Community Teaching Projects
*Environmental Conservation Projects
*Community Health Projects
*Orphanage Projects
*Research projects
*Office support
There is also the opportunity to design your own program based around your own skills, experience and preferences. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this.

2. Team Building Volunteer Projects

Our meaningful team building programmes will create a lasting bond.

A FACE Nepal project is a challenging and culturally rich way to get your team working together. These unique aid projects help build a sense of team camaraderie whilst providing the participants with a feeling of perspective, appreciation and satisfaction for a cause well done.

*Building Team Cohesion and Relationships
*Developing a Sense of Social Responsibility
*Instilling a Sense of Appreciation and Grounding
*Contributing to a Worthy Cause
*Gaining a Culturally Rich Life Experience

3. Sponsorship Programs

Sponsor children who need support to gain the opportunity to flourish.

Sponsoring a child, school or project is an immediate and effective way of improving a community one step at a time. Changing the life of one child makes a difference. FACE Nepal's Sponsorship Programme is organized in rural part of Nepal and opportunities are available in almost any format. Most popular sponsorship options are:

*Child Sponsorship Programs
*Project Sponsorship Programs
*School Sponsorship Programs

4. Specialist Aid Volunteering

If you are a field specialist (such as medical, dental, physiotherapy) and are interested in volunteering in Nepal, FACE Nepal will endeavor to undertake fundraising activities or seek sponsorship to cover your food, accommodation, training and placement travel costs.

We will allocate you to a location based on our Community Development Plan, though please do let us know any preferences. Personal excursions and the inclusion of personal interests will be incorporated upon request (at your personal cost) but a minimum contribution of 20 hours per week will be required to satisfy the sponsors.

5. Research Support

Whatever your research subject is, FACE Nepal will help you acheive your goals.FACE Nepal offers an ideal support network for your research while helping your work to progress to benefit you and the community. We provide help with accessing resources and have contacts within many diverse communities. We have comprehensive knowledge of Chitwan socially, environmentally and geographically.

Support Structure

Sandy, Canada 2012

"FaceNepal is an amazing charity. It was great from the moment I was picked up – I was so well taken care of. Nepali people have a kind and generous nature and I always felt respected when I was with the kids I was teaching or out in the town.

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The team at FACE Nepal will support you throughout your entire volunteer experience and beyond. When joining the FACE Nepal volunteer program we consider you part of our team and this does not end with the termination of your program.

From your arrival until your departure (including time taken for personal excursions), FACE Nepal team members are available to support you 24 hours per day. It is our goal to ensure you find your experience in Nepal enjoyable and rewarding.

Check out our volunteer information brochure for more details on the volunteer experience, alongside practical hints to prepare for the placement, this can be found Here

The basic support provided includes:

1. Arrival

When arriving into Nepal you will be greeted at the airport by a FACE Nepal team member. You will be shown around your arrival city briefly and taken to an accommodation guest house. The representative will orientate you with the area and FACE Nepal can arrange all your accommodation needs irregardless of the commencement date of your program.

You will be given contact details for support staff at this stage and an itinerary for your first few weeks.

2. Training

At the commencement of your training all your food and accommodation costs will be organized by FACE Nepal. It is expected that you will fill in any registration material and make necessary payments at this time. You will be issued a Volunteer Card, which gives you free or discounted entry into many local tourist areas.

Training will be designed based on the duration of your stay and the program selected. The general training program includes:

  • Nepali Language Classes
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Religion
  • Local Sightseeing
  • Experiencing Nepali and Newari local cuisine
  • Cultural Village Experience

3. Placement

When you have completed your training and are ready to commence your program, you will be escorted to your placement by a FACE Nepal Liaison Officer, who will stay to see you settled in. All placements will have a hospitable Host Family, approved by FACE Nepal, and a local FACE Nepal representative nearby. Both parties will be capable of conversing in Basic English. These parties are here to ensure you enjoy your stay and are fully equipped to undertake your volunteer program.

You will also be introduced to any other local volunteers and hosting parties. You will find the Nepali culture extremely hospitable and welcoming. The Nepali culture is strong, especially in the rural areas and FACE Nepal coordinators will continue to check in on you to make sure you are adjusting to the environment.

During your placement, your family and friends are welcome to contact our FACE Nepal office should they have any queries or concerns about you. We are also happy to assist you should a friend or family member wish to visit you in your placement. We will arrange any necessary details including collection from the airport, transportation and accommodation, should your Host family have insufficient room.

4. Completion

FACE Nepal will make sure that you are supported from time you arrive to the time you leave.At the completion of your volunteer program FACE Nepal organized good bye program in the office with the all FACE, Team and you will get small souvenir from the FACE, Nepal.  We will help you back to your departing city; unless you wish to remain elsewhere. You will be provided Bus ticket to the guesthouse and our team will assist you with any on-going arrangements you wish to make, including additional time in Nepal or ongoing travel.

Upon your departure from Nepal, a FACE Nepal team member will see you off at the airport.

5. Personal Excursions

FACE Nepal will assist you in the arrangements of any personal excursions and help you find the best rates available. We will also manage your timetable so that any personal interests can be incorporated into your stay. In a schooling situation, this may involve the placement of temporary teaching cover to support your absence.

6. Ongoing Relationship

As a contributor to FACE Nepal we consider you a team member for life. If you ever have any questions, concerns or need of support, we are happy to assist you wherever we can. We have a monthly newsletter which will be sent to you and we will aid you in any on-going correspondence you may wish to have with local communities.

At the completion of your FACE Nepal experience we will ask you for feedback. We consider this feedback very valuable and appreciate all opportunities for improvement you can offer. You may also be a random recipient of a quality control survey upon your departure from Nepal. These surveys are internal documents undertaken by the International Board of Directors and used to ensure your satisfaction in your program and to thank you for the value of your contribution.

Volunteer's Responsibilties

In exchange for this support, volunteers are required to sign a code of conduct on arrival in Nepal. Meeting this code of conduct is essential to ensure a safe, enjoyable, culturally fulfilling time in Nepal. It is also crucial to ensure that you, and FACE Nepal, are respected in the community. The code can be found online here and any questions about the code of conduct should be directed to any of the email addresses on the first page.

Program Locations

FACE Nepal is based in Pakadi, between Bharatpur and the Chitwan national park. The vast majority of our volunteer placements are in the Chitwan area, notably in the villages of Patihani,Ganganagar, Kumiya and Jutpani. Our Office is used for official meetings and is a place where volunteers can meet informally.

FACE Nepal are able to offer placements in other areas, such as Sauraha, Pokhara, Nawalparasi and Palpa. However, these placements require advance notice of at least a month. Additionally, volunteers choosing to have programs in these areas will not have access to the full level of FACE Nepal support. Program fees may also vary. As a result, the majority of our volunteers work in Chitwan. We provide an overview of the beautiful Chitwan area below.


When people think of Nepal, they think of soaring snow-clad mountains. Despite this, nearly half of the country's population lives on a narrow strip of flat and fertile land that lies wedged between the India border and the mountains. This is known as the Terai. One of the well known tourist sites of the Terai region is Chitwan whose name means "heart of the jungle". This area is one of the last surviving examples of the continuous band of forests and grasslands which once extended from the Indus River in Pakistan to the Burmese border.

The main attraction of Chitwan is Chitwan National Park, the first and most famous national park of Nepal. The Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to teeming wildlife such as the rare great one-horned rhinoceros and the elusive Royal Bengal tiger. Besides rhino and tiger, Chitwan also supports a great variety of flora and fauna and several species of deer, sloth bear, leopard, wild boar and the white stocking. Gaur (the world's largest wild cattle) and many other smaller animals have made the Chitwan jungle their home. The swamps and riverside provide a home to marsh crocodiles and the rare and endangered Gharihal or Gangetic crocodile. Volunteers in Chitwan are conveniently placed to visit the Park and experience activities such as an elephant ride through the jungle, bird watching and canoe rides on the Rapti River.

Programmes in Chitwan

a) Health research in an indigenous community
b) Health post volunteer
c) Teaching in a government school
d) Teaching children in a community learning centre
e) Informal education for women.
f) Ass. Trainer for Junior Red cross students.
g) Environmental conservation wducation
h) Volunteering with children with special needs (e.g. orphanage support, at a child care center, teaching/helping children with physical mental disabilities)

Building Projects

a) Safe drinking water projects
b) Building school classrooms
c) Constructing bridges in the village
d) Building a childcare centre
e) Building a community learning centre
f) Building toilets in the government schools

Sponsor Programs

a) Child sponsorship program
b) Victim support sponsor program
c) Orphans sponsor program

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