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FACE Nepal: Specialist Aid Volunteering

A Specialist Aid Volunteer demonstrates the importance of dental hygiene.As a result of the poverty, inadequate schooling facilities, political corruption and (most recently) severe earthquakes, Nepal suffers a lack of resources in many specialist areas. By offering your expertise to the communities you will greatly enrich lives and offer an immediate improvement to the welfare of the people.

Some examples of areas in need are (but are not limited to) the following:

•  Medicine and nursing

•  Dentistry

•  Physiotherapy

•  Building and Electrical

•  Childcare and health

Macarena Erbs, Chile: "The support from the organization was the most important thing when we were far away from our houses, and Facenepal was always with me. Thanks to Shreeram who was always with me and for showing Nepal in the best and entertaining way in the world I enjoyed all the trips that we did, the little places that where we ate and all the moments that I spend time with him, his family and the other volunteers." >> Read More
If you are a field specialist and are interested in volunteering with FACE Nepal , we will endeavor to undertake fundraising activities or seek sponsorship to cover your food, accommodation, training and placement travel costs. It will be expected that you will afford your own airfares if a personal source of sponsorship is unavailable.

Please note: If your specialisation is in dentistry or medicine, you will be required to show some proof of health care certification. Examples include an EMT or paramedic certification, medical student ID, or dentistry/physician/nursing credentials. Unfortunately, we cannot accept medical volunteers without some form of credentials due to potential risk.

With a specialist application we will allocate your area of regional residence based on our Community Development Plan. Personal excursions and the inclusion of personal interests will be incorporated upon request and at your own cost.

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