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Team building through community projects is a great way for groups and companies to add significant and immediate improvements to community lives. The values of team projects include:

•  Building Team Cohesion and Relationships
•  Developing a Sense of Social Responsibility
•  Instilling a Sense of Appreciation and Grounding
•  Contributing to a Worthy Cause
•  Gaining a Culturally Rich Life Experience

To apply for a team program you must have:

Enjoying Nepalese cuisine is one of the many joys of taking part in our Team Building Programme.
  • At least 5 or more volunteers (volunteers aged under 16 years must have a guardian and people aged 65 or over must bring a medical certification of good health).
  • A nominated volunteer to act as team coordinator (who will be responsible for liaising with FACE Nepal)

Teams may consist of:

  • Groups of friends
  • Work colleagues or work groups
  • Sports teams
  • School groups
  • Family members

As a group of volunteers you will be allocated a project based on the skill base of the volunteer team, the time available to volunteers, any specified preferences and the prioritized needs of the community. Projects will be tailor designed around the needs of your group. Any specific company objectives, personal excursions and other requirements will be incorporated into the design (however, this may result in an increase (or decrease) of costs from the standard program fee. Please feel free to contact FACE Nepal to discuss options.

We note that most of the volunteer projects outlined below are major construction projects. For volunteer groups with limited time available, we can create a program to combine a smaller construction project with other volunteering opportunities (e.g. teaching disadvanataged children)

Children at work - give them a better arena for growth.Project Types:

Child Care Centre Support

There are not currently any child care facilities in rural communities and young infants are often taken to work in the fields with their mothers. Heat and other conditions can cause many illnesses, not to mention the strain on the mother. When parental accompaniment is not possible elder children are often removed from school to tend to the needs of their younger siblings. The establishment of public child care facilities by volunteer groups would go a long way towards improving the community welfare.

Homeless Shelter

A valuable Team Building project is building homeless shelters.Homeless shelters do not currently exist in any community and it is common to see displaced children and adult beggars combing the streets for food and shelter. Establishing a homeless shelter would create a great foundation for caring for the under privileged in this area and future volunteers will then assist with educational and development programs. Alterantivly, volunteer groups can work to improve facilities in existing homeless shelters or in orphanages set up for street kids.

Victim Support

Nepal has recently emerged from a violent political situation and as a result there are an increasing number of women and families surviving without husbands. It is extremely difficult in the Nepali culture for women to find paid employment so a family becomes not only emotionally but also physically devastated. School aged children are often forced to work the house or earn a living when they should be otherwise receiving an education and infants are inadequately cared for. Establishing a victim support centre to assist these cases is a growing need, and volunteers can either construct this centre, or work directly with the victims to support them in improving thier basic situation.

Your team will experience a shared sense of satisfaction at the worthwhile contribution which you have all taken a hand in.Community Development

Most rural communities lack many of the basic hygiene and amenity facilities. Working in this area a volunteer group may choose to undertake their own diagnostic and direct their team towards developmental projects. Alternatively, volunteer groups may choose to be allocated an item of identified priority. Established needs may include:

  • Building bridges
  • Building amenity blocks
  • Developing a library or an alternative learning centre
  • Working to develop local industry and business
  • Working on community education programs for schooling

There is a long list of possibilities for teams interested in development work.Environmental

Environmental projects will be either Community or National Park based.

Community Group Volunteer projects may include:

  • Working to improve methods and practices in the farming and horticultural areas
  • Establishing a waste management program
  • Clearing and planting
  • Educating the community on animal welfare and environmental issues

National Park Group Volunteer projects may include:

  • Animal care and upkeep
  • Conducting educational sessions for park visitors and local community groups
  • Cleaning and planting trees
  • Research and analysis

While volunteering, FACE Nepal will provide full support and training to ensure that your Nepali experience is personally satisfying and rewarding.

For more information on the volunteer experience, costs or to contact us please visit these links.

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