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Helen, UK 2013 "My host family were perfect hosts and I was comfortable from the moment I walked into their house. It seems they think about their guest first and foremost and they were unbelievably attentive, even the children. When I went to the school where I was working they held a welcome ceremony for me which was overwhelming in the nicest way imaginable and I know I wont have another experience like it again in my life. " >> Read More
Team building through community projects is a great way for groups and companies to add significant and immediate improvements to community lives while also developing a bond and cohesion within the group itself.

To apply for a team program you must have:

  • * At least 5 or more volunteers (volunteers aged under 16 years must have a guardian and people aged 65 or over must bring a medical certification of good health).
  • * A nominated volunteer to act as team coordinator (who will be responsible for liaising with FACE Nepal.

Teams may consist of:

  • Groups of friends
  • Work colleagues or work groups
  • Sports teams
  • School groups
  • Family members

As a group of volunteers you will be allocated a project based on the skill base of the volunteer team, the time available to volunteers, any specified preferences and the prioritised needs of the community. Projects will be tailor designed around the needs of your group. Any specific company objectives, personal excursions and other requirements will be incorporated into the design. However, this may result in an increase (or decrease) of costs from the standard programme fee, all of which will be discussed in advance of starting the programme.

Children at work - give them a better arena for growth.Some examples of previous projects include:

Child Care Centre Support

There are not currently any child care facilities in rural communities and young infants are often taken to work in the fields with their mothers. Heat and other conditions can cause many illnesses, not to mention the strain on the mother. When parental accompaniment is not possible elder children are often removed from school to tend to the needs of their younger siblings. The establishment of public child care facilities by volunteer groups would go a long way towards improving the community welfare.

Community Development

Most rural communities lack many of the basic hygiene and amenity facilities. Working in this area a volunteer group may choose to undertake their own diagnostic and direct their team towards developmental projects. Alternatively, volunteer groups may choose to be allocated an item of identified priority. Established needs may include:

  • Building bridges
  • Building amenity blocks
  • Developing a library or an alternative learning centre
  • Working to develop local industry and business
  • Working on community education programs for schooling

There is a long list of possibilities for teams interested in development work.Environmental

Environmental projects will be either community or National Park based.

Community Group Volunteer projects may include:

  • Working to improve methods and practices in the farming and horticultural areas
  • Establishing a waste management program
  • Clearing and planting
  • Educating the community on animal welfare and environmental issues

National Park Group Volunteer projects may include:

  • Animal care and upkeep
  • Conducting educational sessions for park visitors and local community groups
  • Cleaning and planting trees
  • Research and analysis

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