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       FACE Nepal Volunteer Orientation & Training

Jeff WhitesideJeff Whiteside, USA: "My experience with Face Nepal has exceeded anything I expected. Coming to Nepal with little background of the people or culture I soon found out how warm and welcoming Nepal truly is. The organization makes an amazing effort to make the volunteers feel at home and a welcomed part of the community." >> Read More
Note: This training outline may differ for groups or specialist contributors if their timetables or needs do not accommodate this framework.

Training is generally provided to volunteers over the course of one week and is designed to introduce you to FACE Nepal and to ensure you get an introduction to Nepali language, culture and customs to help equip you to successfully complete your volunteer program.

General Orientation

Firstly, volunteers will be given an introduction to the program schedule, an overview of FACE Nepal's structure and cost accounting framework. We will give health care tips, cultural and social "Dos" & "Don'ts" and advise on the protocol of interacting with the host Nepalese family. This orientation phase also prepares volunteers for interacting with the local community and for the program work experience. The nature of this volunteer orientation is informal, and will take place through discussions with FACE Nepal representatives, host families, and other volunteers, and access to FACE Nepal's volunteer library, and

Language Training

FACE Nepal offers one-on-one or group based introductory Nepali language courses based on a volunteer's immediate program needs. During the orientation phase, you will be taught basic communication skills in spoken Nepali by our professional language trainer in an environment designed to allow you to work at your own pace. Upon the completion of the language tuition classes, you will be given access to books to continue your language training throughout your placement. The ultimate aim of our program is to help volunteers achieve basic skills in Nepali language and culture in a limited span of time. You will have many opportunities to use and improve the new language with your host family and throughout your stay in Nepal. If volunteers want further formal training this can be arranged but will be at an additional cost.

Cultural Orientation

As an introduction to Nepalese culture and history, we take our volunteers on a tour to various historic sights in the Kathmandu Valley. We will help you with orientation of your local environment and your placement area. We will ensure that you know where to find places such as the Immigration Office and local post offices, banks, communication centres and health clinics. During your first week, volunteers will be given an informal overview of the religion, culture, history, caste system, politics and geography of Nepal. We will also discuss necessary health precautions and generally help to prepare you for the diversity of Nepali life.

Living with your Nepalese host family will provide a culturally rich environment for volunteers and they will answer any questions you may have on customs and traditions.

If you have any special training requests or any questions about any aspects of the volunteer training, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SIGHT SEEING AND TOURIST ACTIVITIES - During their first two days in Nepal, volunteers will be taken to local tourist sights in the Kathmandu area. Any additional tourist preferences during your stay will be incorporated upon your request. Favoured inclusions are:

a. Trekking
b. Yoga, Reikhi or Meditation Classes
c. Hindu or Buddism retreats
d. Mount Everest Sight Seeing Ventures
e. White Water Rafting
f. Safaris
g. Mountain Biking

During the orientation (and after) volunteers will be exposed to the wonderful environment and culture of Nepal.

RURAL HOME STAY - As part of the training period volunteers will stay two nights in a rural accommodation to experience the real essence of Nepali living. After living in the homestay, volunteers may have preferences on whether they wish to live in a rural or urban environment and we will accomodate these where possible.

SUPPORT - Throughout your training and whilst in your placement, volunteers will receive regular support from FACE Nepal. Any necessary resources for your volunteering work will also be provided.

A Tharu House - FACE Nepal is working in especially close relation to the indigenous Tharu people.

PLACEMENT ACCOMMODATION - during your volunteer placement you will live with a Nepali Host Family. In this placement you will be fully integrated into the Nepali life style with the only exception being your provision of a private bedroom. In this placement all food will be provided for you. All volunteer Host Families are approved by FACE Nepal and are briefed on the general requirements of Volunteers from overseas.

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