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"Working with Face Nepal was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I was really lucky to be hosted at Sheeram’s place. They helped me out all the time to make me feel comfortable and happy. I could have a much better idea of what Nepalese culture was and I really learnt so many interesting and fascinating things about these people and their humanity.

Teaching children from this community was the most intense and wonderful experience of my life. They gave me much more than I could teach them. I am very lucky because I could have the opportunity to share such an unforgettable experience with lovely people."

Andrés Navarro, Spain

My host family were perfect hosts and I was comfortable from the moment I walked into their house. It seems they think about their guest first and foremost and they were unbelievably attentive, even the children. When I went to the school where I was working they held a welcome ceremony for me which was overwhelming in the nicest way imaginable and I know I won’t have another experience like it again in my life. The teachers at the school were amazing and came into school on their day off to take part in my sessions. Classroom sessions were noisy, interactive and loads of fun! I loved it there and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Helen, UK 2013

FaceNepal is an amazing charity. It was great from the moment I was picked up – I was so well taken care of. Nepali people have a kind and generous nature and I always felt respected when I was with the kids I was teaching or out in the town.

I raised a small amount of money to donate for projects – the way in which these funds were allocated was amazing. The gratitude and outpouring of support expressed at the project closing ceremony moved me to tears. My time with FaceNepal has changed my point of view and I have a deeper appreciation for those in my life, both locally and around the world. I came looking for adventure and left my heart and memory full of great experiences.

Sandy, Canada 2013

Jeff WhitesideMy experience with Face Nepal has exceeded anything I expected. Coming to Nepal with little background of the people or culture I soon found out how warm and welcoming Nepal truly is. The organization makes an amazing effort to make the volunteers feel at home and a welcomed part of the community. My host family experience was amazing and they made me feel like part of the family right away. Through my Volunteer work I had the opportunity to teach English classes in the local village of Kumiya, and work developing therapeutic activities at a local disabled school. My experience was life changing and something I will never forget.

Face Nepal has a wonderful leader in Shreeram Devkota , who makes it know that the community is the priority. Whenever I was frustrated Shreeram provided reassurance and support which was invaluable. I came to Nepal as a volunteer but I left with a new Nepali family who I look forward to seeing again. I would recommend taking the time and volunteering with Face Nepal as it will undoubtedly be an experience one will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Jeff Whiteside, USA

Jessica & SophiaJessica & SophiaWe are 2 occupational therapy students in our final year of study at the University of Sydney. We came to Nepal for 2 months to complete our final internship before graduating. Our project here in Nepal was focused on working with children with disabilities and we were based at Tandi School, about 14kms East of Naryanghat. Here we developed a workshop to train a support worker, who is a parent and chairperson of the Community Development Association of Tandi, as well as 4 other disability teachers in the area, in creating a support group for parents of children with disabilities. We also developed an assessment tool, which we taught to the support worker and the teachers, which gave them understanding of the individual levels of the children. Over the following 5 weeks, we implemented therapeutic activities at the Tandi school, that addressed weaker areas identified in the assessment tool. After this time we reassessed the children to find improvements in their performance in most of the children. Our time here in Nepal with FACE Nepal has been fantastic and we may leave Nepal, but we will always have apart of it with us.

Jessica & Sofia, Australia

Anne Marie McNeilMy name is Anne Marie McNeil. I'm from Maryland, USA I came to Nepal not knowing much about the country. I was, however, very optimistic about the organization. It's goals and accomplishments are impressive. They have provided a wonderful opportunity for me and have taken every measure to make me feel welcome. I live with a member of FACE, Nepal, and feel like I'm part of the family. They are helping me learn the Nepali language and culture. I am always included in their daily activities.

Teaching has been a rewarding experience. The Students are very shy at first, and don't have much knowledge of English, but they are more than willing to work hard and learn.

In the school where I teach there are grades on through five, but the government only provides three teachers. This creates a burden for the underpaid teachers and especially the students who aren't getting a quality education. Besides chair and chalkboard, supplies are not existent.

In the community, the children have amazed me with their dedication. They attend school during the day and then come at night for English lessons. Their appreciation for education has made teaching so rewarding.

It is important to have volunteer teachers in developing countries, especially because many of the English Teachers do not understand the language themselves. This knowledge will enable students to use computers, study abroad, and find employment. I hope that more people will find it in their hearts to serve these children, and give them an opportunity for a better life.

Ane Marie McNeil, Maryland, USA

Oddette I am in Nepal as a Face Nepal volunteer. Already in the airplane from Doha to Katmandu I felt something different in the air ... A smiling ... Lighter atmosphere ... Was it because there was many Nepali around? I became out of breath looking at the mountains. I felt quite too because even if I traveled alone I knew that somebody of the organization would welcome me at the airport. I live with a Nepali family now and even if I have to adapt myself to a so different surrounding it's quite easy because the welcomeness, careness , sweetness and tolerance of everybody. Already I begin to fell as a part of the family.

I have chosen to come with Face Nepal because the setting of the organization international board of director and advisory board and too because the program which I am involved seems to me very valuable. For these reasons I am confident that my contribution of money and work will be accounting properly.

I am very lucky, having the opportunity to share such a great experience here.

Odette, Canada

JulieStudying in anthropology, I was since a long time interesting by a humanitarian experience, and I was search for a serious training courses to use at last the education I have had. I also wanted to do something useful for others. This way, I met Marie , she straightaway talk me about Face Nepal which she has helped to organize during her travel in Nepal. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Face Nepal is a local NGO, created by Nepali persons with prior volunteers who have their own will, who shows theirs own intention of helping their communities and their country. A thought rational of development in a long term forecast, not only asking for money which you never really know where it goes and if it really be used for helping people.

The persons of Face Nepal association completely support me. They made me very welcome. There was straightaway something reassuring, an instinctive trust that I have never to regret. They established a dialogue between us, a real exchange, what were my and their expectations? It was necessary to tell the things, what we do, how, when and the support to the communities. They are sincerely thoughful and they listen to me in permanence and answer all my questions whatever they are.

As for my family where I am housed it is a pure happiness. They made me very welcome too, and they entertain me like a member of their family with generosity and love without flaw. I am living now in the village, in the middle of plains. The beauty of the landscape is fascinating. I have visited schools, others villages from others caste as famous tourist places of this area. I also have Nepali language lessons and I attend at cultures and religions lessons. Which best conditions for going out into the fields? How I was thinking and hearing about the situation of security and safety? I was feeling much better then I here.

Nepal has something you cannot define but you feel it deeply, something like serenity which make life follows naturally even all difficulties and poverty. I can only add one thing, come to discover and to share this culture and this people by participating to a volunteer program and to this wonderful association that is Face Nepal. This is an organization which such a will to well do and to change the things, to improve the life as a whole. Who has never dreamed about?

Julie, France

RoxanneWhen I first got off the plane smells of curry and incense covered the city. Two members of Face Nepal, who were so welcoming, were at the airport ready to pick me up. We toured Kathmandu as they gave me a chance to absorb all the culture. I feel very safe here and have not run into any problems. I am with my host family now and enjoying every minute of it. They are so kind and make me feel like I am a part of the family. The climate in Chitwan is subtropical and the area is famous for it's jungle and National Parks. A beautiful learning center, funded by Effet Pappillion, France, has just been built in a Tharu Village minutes from my home and I will be teaching the children English there. I can already speak some Nepali thanks to the kids in the village and my hosts. Volunteering with Face Nepal is truly an adventure and a life changing experience. This organization really understands the meaning of peace and friendship. If you are having difficulties deciding on a volunteering organization, I believe Face Nepal has so much to offer and you will get back more than you expect.

Roxanne Meagher
Sacramento, California- U.S.A

My Main interest is cultures and Presentation Education with the help of different media. I have worked as assistant photographer and film maker, focus on computer interest in my study all the moment experiment with video.

I am now working together with the volunteer organization FACE, Nepal. I want to help them to promote their work by producing short video and put on the internet.

Education:- Bachelor of Education
1st year of Master in Education (Major)
Cultural Anthropology (Minor)
Political Science
Media and Education Optional

Anjite, Germany

Volunteer Group - UK and New Zealand PartnershipA group of volunteers from different programs came to work on several different community development projects. Among their accomplishments was building a community toilet for a local village. This group was followed by a group from New Zealand that helped to restore a village school for special children, as well as build clean water systems in the community.

Volunteer Group - UK and New Zealand Partnership



Ainsley BakerShe is from Canada and she volunteered in Learning Center at the Patalahara, Tharu Village. She taught two times a day in the morning and in the evening with two different groups of children. She also worked with us in the office on various online outreach projects. She did a group project with the team from New Zealand as a leadership coordinator and she taught and organized the children's studies.

Ainsley Baker, Canada


Carry & HeidiBoth of them came and stayed together. Please be aware that you are welcome to volunteer with friends!

Carry & Heidi, USA



StuartHe stayed during one month with us and some more time in Nepal to visit many places and to do treckings. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Himalayas!

Stuart, New Zealand



Life prepares us surprises everyday. Some days we notice them, some days we pass them and life itself... Some days are better than others. This is why.

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason, some believe that it's faith, psychiatrists believe it's subconsiousness... I believe we decide every morning when we wake up. Everyday should be lived on that day. No past, no future...

One morning I woke up and wanted to live life fully. Just like it comes. It took me to Nepal , to find myself. It came to me as a surprise I was already there. Waiting for me. No I don't have a personality split disorder. I just tend to let myself go. So I let myself go that day all the way to Nepal . Some times you have to let go, let life take you where it wants without concerning about it. Get angry at someone and just leave, open your eyes in a country you don't know anything about. It is not as hard as it seems, all you need is a ticket. All the places really worth going are not that popular so you don't have to pay a fortune for the ticket. Just make sure the journey is what matters not the estimated place of arrival.

One day a friend of mine was telling me about the full eclipse in 2009, which was going to be seen very good in Nepal . Next thing I know I was googling Nepal , Volunteer work. A few weeks later I was being picked up by the organization members at Kathmandu Tribuvan airport. During those weeks I had my vaccinations done, got my ticket and everything I needed. 12 May 2008 at exactly 19.00 I was on the road again... Well turn the page then...We should do what we feel like. If there is a place you want to go, go now... If there is something you want to do, do now.... If there is someone you want to love, love now... Don't be scared to leave your heart somewhere or at someone... It doesn't get smaller, it only gets bigger...

I left my heart in Nepal , with the women and the children I taught. I came back and I grew. Now I have an even bigger heart, ready to go again, ready to love again...

Well one day I went to Nepal ... That's how it all started..

Esbet Asign

Macarena ErbsI always thought that in our life we need to do something good for other people... Nepal was my destiny and the most spectacular trip that I had had in my life. Nepal is a crazy town…messy… and with a culture that you need to live to understand. But when you are there, life begins and you start to enjoy the little details of life. I lived for three months with a lovely family, in Patalahara, in Terai. It's a quiet place, there are some houses, little markets and a place that I had unforgettable moments…the Tharu village. This is a little community were I taught English classes to kids from 7 to 13 years old, but these were more than classes because we shared moments together, we played, we laughed and we learned from each others costumes.

The support from the organization was the most important thing when we were far away from our houses, and Facenepal was always with me. Thanks to Shreeram who was always with me and for showing Nepal in the best and entertaining way in the world… I enjoyed all the trips that we did, the little places that where we ate and all the moments that I spend time with him, his family and the other volunteers.

I think that all the people that travel to Nepal want to make changes there, but and the end of my trip you notice and learn that we can live and be happy with simples things and finally this simplicity and way of life changes you.

If you want to live a unforgettable experience, help a country that needs a lot from us and enjoy the simplicity of life… read about Nepal and travel!!!. And don't worry if your English is not very good.. because this is a good place to learn the language, for me it was like this.

Kisses and hugs to all the people that I met there… and many thanks for making my trip a memorable experience.

Macarena Erbs
Industrial Engineer

GOV. REG. NO. 37-2060-61 | PAN. NO. 301868185