10 Best Institute For Loksewa (PSC) in Kathmandu Nepal

Here in this blog, we have included the 10 best loksewa or psc institutes for civil service preparation in Kathmandu Nepal.  The list is inclusive and will be changed as per student review from time to time. The basis of the ranking is student feedback and faculty feedback. In this list, we have not specifically included the Online 10 Best Institute For Loksewa (PSC) in Kathmandu Nepal. These are more effective for physical classes.

What is loksewa aayog or PSC?

The Public Service Commission (PSC), also referred to as the Loksewa Aayog in Nepal Nepal’s constitutional government is known as Loksewa Aayog. In Nepal, it is also one of the most important competitive exam processes for obtaining a position in the civil service. To put it simply it is the process of selecting deserving people who are needed by the government of Nepal to fill various open positions in civil services.

For the purpose of filling numerous positions in the federal government, banking sectors, Nepali police, army, and civil services, Loksewa Aayog (PSC) of Nepal can conduct a thorough written and practical test. It’s not simple to pass the Lok Sewa Aayog. To compete against thousands of other candidates, one needs a lot of hard work and attention. We can see that there are thousands of applicants for a small number of positions. This means that you must be the finest among thousands to be chosen.

Selection Process

According to the Public Service Commission (Procedure) Act, 2066 B.S., the Public Service Commission uses one or more of the following methods of selection while conducting examinations to choose candidates:

1. An open, competitive writing test

2. A free, open, and neutral practical test

3. An interview; and 

3. An interview; and 

Every Wednesday, the Commission posts a job advertisement for interested candidates in the “Gorkhapatra” in order to conduct the selection process. The Commission has also issued a yearly operating schedule of its activities, which includes all the specifics of the selection process’s phases.

Cracking loksewa is not easy, It’s important to select the best mentors and assistance. You must select a reputable and trusted institution for that. You might be unsure about which Lok Sewa preparation center to select given Kathmandu’s abundance of options.

Here is a list of the top Lok Sewa (Public Service Commission- PSC) preparation centers in Kathmandu in consideration of your difficulty locating such centers. Here is the list of 10 best institute for loksewa (psc) in Kathmandu Nepal:

1.      Kpadhne.com

We have kpadhne at the top of the list because Kpadhne is not providing class but counseling to the students free of cost. Counseling is important for students as counseling will boost their confidence and makes it easier to decide on their study and select a mentor. Kpadhne not just guides you best PSC or loksewa institute but also helps otherwise. You can ask for help in any preparation like- Loksewa exam, other vacancies, Banking preparation or Exam, or any other organizational preparations. You can contact Kpadhne by visiting their website kpadhne.com or filling out the below form for counseling:

2.      CEDEP under Name Institute

It is a well-known name when it comes to preparing classes in the Nepali institute industry. Since its beginning in 2006, CEDEP NAME has consistently produced the finest outcomes. This well-known institution has consistently worked to retain the greatest instructors and produce the most pertinent course materials. It is among the top institutions in the Kathmandu Valley for Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC).

NAME stands out from other organizations in the area because they never promise kids things they can’t keep and they never make up outcomes. Because of this, NAME has long been the most well-known brand associated with medical facilities.

Offered Programs

1.    Entrance preparation for B. Sc. in Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary, and Husbandry.

2.    BPH, BN, BMLT. BAMS, B. Optometry, BASLP and B. Sc. MIT entrance preparation.

3.    Entrance Preparation course for the bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

4.    MBBS (IOM & BPKIHS), BDS, Premedical entrance preparation.

5.    Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service Commission) Preparation classes.

Address & Contact

In front of Singh Durbar, Putalisadak, Kathmandu- 01-4220255

3.      Chaitanya Institutes of Management

The teacher service commission (TSC) exam preparation classes and Lok-Sewa preparation classes are both offered by the Chaitanya Institute of Management. Additionally, it provides the top Chartered Accountancy (CA) courses. The Chaitanya Institute of Management offers the next generation of students top-notch educational training in addition to crucial life skills.

It is situated in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, and seeks to offer prospective students, both technical (CA) and non-technical students, high-quality, practical education and training. So, keep the Chaitanya Institute of Management in mind if you’re looking for the top Lok Sewa Preparation programs.

Offered Programs

1.    Chartered Accountancy
2.    PSC Preparation Classes (Lok-Sewa)
3.    Teacher Service Commission (TSC) exam preparation
4.    Other Training

Address & Contact

Sankhamul – New Baneshowr, Kathmandu- 01-4781714

4.      Wave Institute

On our list of the Best Lok Sewa Preparation institute in Kathmandu, Wave Institute is ranked 4th. is situated in Bagbazar, the center of Kathmandu. In the areas of preparation classes for the Lok Sewa Aayog, Korean language, ASI/Inspector, and other banks/finances, Wave has been offering high-quality instruction.

Wave Institute may be your final stop if you’re seeking the best Lok Sewa Aayog preparation centers in the Bagbazar area. Get the most exposure for your Lok Sewa preparation by joining Wave.

Programs Offered

1.    Lok Sewa Preparation/ Teachers

2.    Korean Language (EPS)

3.    ASI/ Inspector

4.    Banks/ Finances

Address & Contact

Opposite PK campus, Bagbazar, Kathmandu- 01-4257552


5.      Valley Institute Kirtipur

Here is Valley Institute for you if you’re looking for the top Lok Sewa Preparation schools in the Kirtipur area. One of the best educational institutions offering Korean language classes is Kritipur Valley Institute. Additionally, it aids in their preparation for the EPS-TOPIK test for Korea.

For the English and Japanese courses, the institute also offers language classes. Professional instructors that have a high level of qualification oversee every lesson.

You may recall Valley Institute Kirtipur for its low-cost Korean and Japanese language courses as well as lessons for Lok Sewa preparation.

Programs Offered

1.    EPS-Topik exam preparation
2.    Korean Language Course
3.    Japanese Language Course
4.    English Language Course
5.    Lok Sewa Preparation Classes

Address & Contact

 Kirtipur, Kathmandu- 01-4332509

6.      Apex Educational

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Apex Educational Academy is yet another top-rated and reliable Loksewa institution. Numerous coaching programs are offered by Apex Institute, including those for banking, teaching, nursing, loksewa, and many others. The institute offers a high-quality preparation experience by working with the most well-known tutors, offering sources of information, offering regular mock tests, and doing many other things. with a wonderful mix of a conducive learning environment and top-notch instructors. Over the years, the institute has been successful in turning out a large number of civil service employees and government officials.

The institute is situated in Nepal’s Kathmandu district of Putalisadak. You can simply visit and contact their official Facebook page to learn more about their most recent services and seminars (Apex Educational Academy).

Programs Offered

1.    Loksewa preparation class
2.    Banking exam preparation class
3.    Teacher Service Commission preparation
4.    Nursing entrance preparation

Address & Contact

In front of Shanker Dev Campus, Putalisadak – Kathmandu- 01-4168143

7.      Vibrant

You think of Vibrant when it comes to MBBS Entrance preparation. It is the only MBBS Entry Preparation Center supported by leading entrance specialist faculties, who have already graduated from thousands of doctors. Due to the tremendous demand for this course and years of experience teaching entrance preparation programs, Vibrant is now providing the best Lok Sewa Preparation sessions.

Everyone has seen our greatest accomplishment in a brief period of time. There must undoubtedly be some real justifications for it. We know what you need, we know how to assist you, and of course, we know how to mold you into a doctor are just a few of the secrets. You are all very welcome here. Join us to make your idea a reality. It is among the top institutions in the Kathmandu Valley for Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC).

Programs Offered

1.    Medical Entrance Preparation – MBBS
2.    B.Sc. Nursing Preparation
3.    B.Sc. Forestry Preparation
4.    Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) Preparation

Address & Contact

Putalisadak, Kathmandu-01-4526149

8.      Columbia Institute

One of the most popular institutions for Loksewa (PSC) preparation is Columbia Institute. In addition to this, it is a top institute in Kathmandu, Nepal, because to its excellent online and offline offerings. They choose some of the best teachers in Nepal and use them to offer a variety of coaching programs. Additionally, Columbia has been successful in producing a large number of civil service employees and government officials.

The Columbia Institute is situated in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, in New Baneshwor. Contact them on their official Facebook page to learn more about their offerings and training courses (Columbia Academy).

Programs Offered

1.    Lok Sewa Preparation Classes
2.    Bank Test Preparation
3.    Teacher Service Commission Test Preparation Classes

Address & Contact

New Baneshwor, शंखमुल मार्ग, 44600- 01-4781061

9.      Zenith Study Centre

In Kupandole – 10, Lalitpur, Nepal, there is a prominent institution called Zenith Study Center. It has been providing high-quality, useful education. The best education is available at Zenith Study Center to meet the demands of ambitious students who have made it their life’s mission to serve their country and become marketable.

The study facility provides classes for preparing for entrance exams in the paramedical, nursing, and Lok Sewa sectors. It also administers tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and GRE that are taken abroad. Additional training programs should be included, such as SPSS, proposal and report writing. The Zenith Study Center takes pride in having successfully produced more pupils for a variety of exams.

Programs Offered

Entrance Preparation for

1.    Lok Sewa Aayog Preparation
2.    Nursing Entrance Classes
3.    Paramedical  Entrance Classes

Abroad Pest Preparation for

1.    IELTS
2.    TOEFL
3.    SAT
4.    GRE

Address & Contact

Kupandole Lalitpur, Nepal- 980-8222095

10.  NIMS Institute

NIMS Institute must be included when ranking the best Loksewa institute in Nepal. They operate a coaching program for a number of industries, including medical, paramedical, nursing, Loksewa, Shikshak Sewa, and many others. They are well known for being among Nepal’s top Loksewa institutes. Because of their superior coaching services, top-notch faculty teachers, and outstanding outcomes over the years, NIMS attracts hundreds of students from all across Nepal. From superb counseling to top-notch coaching, this institute has a lot to offer, and you’ll be happy with their services.

The NIMS Institute is situated in Nepal’s Kathmandu district of Bagbazar. You can visit their official Facebook page and get in touch with them there to learn more about their most recent preparation sessions and services (NIMS Loksewa Tayari).

Programs Offered

1.    Bridge Course

Medical Entrance Preparation for

1.    MBBS
2.    BDS
3.    BAMS

Paramedical Entrance Preparation for

1.    BPH
2.    B.Pharmacy
3.    B.Sc.MLT
4.    BASLP
5.    B.Optom
6.    B.Sc.MIT

Nursing Entrance Preparation for

1.    Staff Nurse
2.    B.Sc.Nursing
3.    B.N.

Other Test Preparation Course for

1.    Lok Sewa Preparation
2.    Teacher Service Commission
Location – Bagbazar Kathmandu, Nepal

Address & Contact

Yeti Plaza, Bag Bazar Sadak, Kathmandu 44600- 01-4219278

Concluding 10 Best Institute For Loksewa (PSC) in Kathmandu Nepal

You now have some ideas about some of Kathmandu, Nepal’s top Loksewa institutes. It is up to you to select the training facility that is reasonably priced, located close to where you live and offers the lessons you need. Keep your distance from the prestigious institution. Many institutions already have more recognizable names, but they do not place a high focus on Loksewa preparedness. Therefore, it is best to select a teaching facility that is well-focused on Loksewa and provides you with its whole attention. also aids in your success in all Loksewa Aayog exam formats.

Your efforts, however, hard work, and dedication are what really count. It is up to you and your efforts to accomplish your dreams, even though a reputable institute will give you the tools and direction you need. Please leave your opinion if you find this article useful. If you want any consultancy or counseling pls don’t hesitate to apply.


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