English in Nepal and Its Importance in Nepal and Nepalese

Nepalese English (Nepali: ) is a dialect of English that is primarily spoken in Nepal and is heavily influenced by the Indo-Aryan languages of the country. The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, not only in former British colonies such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and India, but also in other countries. English in Nepal used as a second language especially in official documents of Nepal and other foreign documents related to Nepal.

Nepal was never a British colony in history, and English is not the common language in Nepal. Nonetheless, English has had a greater impact on Nepal’s education system, trade, and commerce. Despite the fact that English is not widely spoken in Nepal, some people can communicate in a broken English known as Nepalese English.

Many Nepalese speak English as a second or foreign language, with Kathmandu residents being the most likely to do so (the capital of Nepal). Although Nepali is the native language, English is the primary business language in Nepal. In Nepal, where modern English education began in the 1850s, teachers and practitioners are divided on whether to follow British, American, or Indian variants

Importance and Scope of English in Nepal

We can say that English is now integrated into daily life. Everything is linked to the English language, including how we communicate with others, how we use the internet, education, research, tourism, and trade. Nepal’s affiliation with various international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, BIMSTEC, SAFTA, and the United Nations, among others, has increased the visibility of the English language, foreign culture, and tradition in the country. Increased importance of English around the globe and

With the development of tourism industries, English is becoming even more important because it is necessary to communicate with tourists and expand tourism industries. English has a strong influence in Nepal’s educational system as well. English is a required subject in schools, colleges, and universities.

English has played an important role in developing countries such as Nepal in terms of career and employment opportunities. Its influence has now spread to areas such as democracy, media, international politics, commerce, human rights, diplomacy, tourism, and other areas of development. The English language has a strong influence on Nepal’s younger generations. They primarily use English when using mobile, internet, and social media because they are interested in mass media technology and foreign culture. English artists, songs, films, and so on are also popular among Nepalese people because they are popular in Nepal.

Broken English in Nepal

Broken English is a derogatory term for a speaker’s limited register of English when speaking English as a second language. Because the speaker’s vocabulary knowledge isn’t as strong as that of a native speaker, broken English may be fragmented, incomplete, and/or marked by faulty syntax and inappropriate diction. Grammar must be calculated for non-native English speakers rather than naturally conjured, as it is for many native speakers. Most of the population who speak English are broken English speakers here. However there are people who also speaks fluent English in Nepal. More than one-third population now speaks English including broken English here. Major cities Kathmandu and Pokhara are the cities where vast majority speaks English in Nepal.


English is the most widely spoken language in the world, so its importance cannot be overstated in a globalized world. Nepal, in particular, as a developing country, must recognize and capitalize on its significance in order to develop the country. In the current context, the English language has undoubtedly increased economic connections and aided Nepal’s economic prosperity. However, with the prioritization of Nepali and English languages, the state must review its plan and practices in order to protect other distinct traditional languages without undermining the role of Nepali as the national language and English as the international language.

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