Gold Price in Nepal today 2022

 Here you will find the latest Gold and Silver price in Nepal. Gold price in Nepal depends on various factors such as exchange rates, Demand, and other variables. International measurement for gold is gram while here in Nepal generally people use the term Tola (तोला). 

Gold (सुन) is a very precious metal and people use it for Investment, Jewelry, and Trading as well. People of Nepal use gold primarily for Jewelry and Trading purposes and some people use it for Investment as well.

Date Updated:- 22-02-2022 A.D Friday |  २०७८ फागुन, 10 मङ्गलवार

Gold Price in Nepal 2022

Fine Gold price in Nepal (99.99) Hall Mark also called छापावाल सुन in Nepali

Measurement- Weight Gold Price in Nepal– Hallmark (छापावाल)
Per Tola  (तोला) Rs. 96,198.84
Per 10 Gram Rs. 82,475.00
Gold price in Nepal Table

Tejabi Gold price in Nepal without hallmark also Known as तेजाबी सुन in Nepali

Measurement- Weight Gold Price in Nepal-(तेजाबी)
Per Tola  (तोला) Rs. 95,697.29
Per 10 Gram Rs. 82,045.00

Silver Price in Nepal

Measurement- Weight Silver Price in Nepal
Silver Per Tola Rs. 1299.95
Silver Per Gram Rs. 1114.50

Note if you want to convert tola into gram or Gram into tola use standard measurement unit

1 tola =  11.66 Grams

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24K Gold Price in Nepal

24k Gold is 99.99% fine gold and is pure gold that is used for investment and other electrical & medical purposes. It is hard in nature and also expensive. 24K gold is less durable in comparison to 22K gold.

22K Gold price

22K gold on the other hand is only 91% gold and 9% other metal and is less expensive. 22K gold is mainly used for making Jewelry. It is widely preferred by common people and it fetches good value after sales as well.

Loans in Gold and Silver

All the Banks in Nepal provide gold loans to their valued customers in exchange for excellent gold and silver as collateral.

With streamlined paperwork and procedures, as well as a speedy loan decision.

This service is available at all Bank branches.


Every Nepalese citizen above the age of 18 is eligible to vote.

Should have a bank account.

Documentation is required.

Borrower identification (passport/citizenship)

Completed application with gold/ornaments information.

KYC, family declaration, net worth declaration, and an acceptable CIC are all required ( if the loan limit is Rs 1 million or above)

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