Health Care in Nepal Not Adequate

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It is also the freedom from disease, pain, and defect. Health Care in Nepal is questionable somehow and the fact is it is poor.

We will not be able to perform any tasks and duties if our body is not in proper condition. Therefore, we must stay healthy and fine. Maintaining good health is the first priority for all humans.

We will have a longer life span when we have good health.

In developing countries like Nepal, health is the basic need of people. In the same way, maintaining good health is also challenging due to several things.

Health Status

The life expectancy in Nepal is 68, according to the latest data published by World Health Organization. There is huge progress in Nepal in raising the health status of its citizens. The mortality under-five is reduced by 67% and infant mortality is reduced by 59%.

Health care services

Both public sectors and private sectors provide health care services in Nepal. The country’s topographical and sociological diversity results in various periodic epidemics and infectious diseases, natural hazards like floods, forest fires, landslides.

People living in urban areas are enjoying various health facilities however it is not the same for the people living in rural areas. They are struggling for better health services in their locality.

The people living in rural areas are at risk of infection and mortality by several communicable diseases, malnutrition, and other health-related events.

Health Care infrastructure

According to the data up to 2019, there are 125 hospitals, 198 primary health care centers, 3808 urban health centers in Nepal. There are 299 community health units and 59 other health facilities.

The people in remote areas are still lacking basic care and services due to high costs, low availability, lack of health education, and even due to conflicting traditional beliefs.

Reproductive health care is limited and difficult to access for women even in the present day.

Speaking about the people of urban areas, they are facilitating themselves with well-managed hospitals and easy access to medicines and health care.

According to recent statistics from graph Nepal, there are a total of 16432 doctors in Nepal where more than 67% of them are male.

The state of Health care in Nepal:

The state of health care in Nepal is dreadful. Thousands of Nepalese do not have reasonable access to adequate health services. It is one of the most impoverished countries in the world. More than half of its people live below the poverty line, and one often suffers from a disability.

There is a huge difference in health status between the urban and rural populations of Nepal. The infant mortality rate is 13.2% in rural Nepal, compared to 6% in urban Nepal.

The rural government health posts lack basic equipment, and some even do not have staff for years. Many villages in rural areas are not even accessible by road. The inhabitants of several regions that are not accessible by road have to walk for several days in order to receive treatment from a doctor.

Several new medical schools have recently come into operation in Nepal, but they have not taken up the challenge of encouraging students to improve the plight of the rural population.

Political influence in Health

 Nepal is a small country with high corruption and political influence everywhere. The poor have limited access to basic health care due to high costs, low availability, lack of health education. In addition to these, the conflicting traditional beliefs have also created a very dreadful situation in people.

Compared to these people, the powerful people carry doctors and nurses in their pockets. The doctors and nurses also sell themselves for power and money.

The remote areas are lacking hospitals and doctors due to these various reasons. The doctors and nurses can enjoy their duty with several facilities in urban and city areas compared to remote areas. The budget that comes for the health services is lost in between the powerful people.

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