Gambling in Nepal- Festival Gambling 2022

Gambling in Nepal is part of festivals and our culture for many generations. We can’t ignore gambling during festivals. We are taking gambling as our rights granted from culture. So, it is challenging for the government to restrict people to play gambling in Nepal. It is good till people play for entertainment purposes during the festival. But, people play during day and night as their work. Then, gambling becomes a problem. Thus, gambling in Nepal is illegal. Playing during the festival is considerable with very less stake.

Definition of Gambling

Gambling is a game of luck that makes beggars to rich and vice-versa. It is indoor entertaining games until it becomes an addiction.

According to Gambling Act 1963, Nepal Gambling is defined as any game of chance that is played upon laying a wager for giving or losing money.

Causes/Reasons for Gambling in Nepal

Reasons may vary from person to person. Some play for entertainment. Some play for winning money or stakes. The causes of gambling are shortlisted below.

  1. Peer pressure- When we go to a picnic or celebrate some fun late-night, gambling is the first choice among all Nepali people. One can’t stay away from gambling to avoid friends’ satire in the latter days. This makes us the part of gambling team.
  2. Financial weakness- A person who is at the stage of ruining everything plays gambling to gain lots of money or wealth with whatever they have in their hands. Once one person lost some money he wants to take back all his lost and new money. He prefers to play again and again. This may further ruin the property. Most people take gambling as a short and easiest way to become super rich than before.
  3. Psychological factor- People when they are stressed, alone play different forms of gambling to overcome their stress, loneliness, etc.
  4. Family problem- There are problems in every family. Up and downs are common in husband and wife relations. Some people become frustrated with family problems. To stay away from family and the problems, people choose to play gambling. In reality, this is not the end of family problems but it is just the beginning.

Effects of gambling in Nepal

  1. The first and foremost effect is seen in personal development. One will not stop themselves from playing. They spend most of their precious time gambling. They lost time to develop their personality.
  2. People ruin everything. They become economically helpless. They lose their property and turn into poor.
  3. The youth spends their time gambling. They don’t have time to contribute the society and the nation. It hinders the development of the nation.
  4. People fight each other when losers deny paying. They may even take lives for money and wealth.
  5. It creates problems in the family. Husband beats wife if she denied giving money for playing gambling.

Solution of gambling in Nepal

  1. People gather and play gambling when they don’t have any work to do. So, if the local and national governments bring schemes of training and job opportunity, people will make themselves busy and earn a good amount.
  2. Strict implementation of gambling laws in every part of the country. The guilty one must get punishment according to the written law.
  3. Education and awareness must be provided to every individual about the effects of gambling in personal life.
  4. The Authority of buying and selling cards should be given only during festivals to minimize gambling practice all the years.

Gambling is played since the time of ‘Mahabharata’. We are all well known about the consequences of gambling in ‘Mahabharata’. The craze of winning makes ‘Pandav’ to lost their wife, fame, and kingdom. So, we must avoid gambling and encourage young generations to avoid it. Playing for a fun purpose is good. Don’t make it your habit and addiction.

Gambling in Nepal is majorly seen during Tihar but often seen without occasion as well. Gambling in Nepal is a problem and is illegal as well.

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