Kathmandu Hippies Place and Religious Beliefs

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. The city is full of religious beliefs and emotions. It is famous for many more things that are even hard to imagine in one row. Hippies are one of them with the hippies and religious beliefs of a different kind, is what united us as Kathmandu Hippies.

Kathmandu Hippies

Kathmandu Hippies Religious monuments/beliefs

·       Landscape

·       Living god

·       Art and crafts

·       Durbar

·       Nepalese peoples

·       Historic places

·       Unique foods

·       Unique attire

As time went by, Kathmandu changed a lot, so do Kathmandu Hippies.

Today we are going to see the phase Kathmandu went through and the changes that occur with time.

In the 80s

·       What’s more important to people is an emotion that helps them to be together in any condition.

(Unity in diversity)

·       As Kathmandu was a huge lake before… the soil we had is most fertile for any crops, there was a lot of agriculture act.

·       As transportation is done by animals like horses or any locals transport like rickshaw

·       Modern means of communication were nowhere to public and messages was delivered by post offices, letters.

·       Clothes worn are all made in Nepal with significance.

·       More cultural beliefs.

It took decades for Kathmandu to transform into the form it is today.

Nepal is very powerful in sense of religious beliefs and nature. But in the 80s and 90s, this place is famous all for marijuana. Can you believe it?

History shows the truth that we many are unknown of.

Hippies from all over the world visit Nepal just for weeds and kinds of stuff. Later as tourists visit here the nature and culture attracted them also.

After the government banned the supply and intake of marijuana the tourists visiting were negatively impacted.

Currently what we are famous for is nature.

And tourist goes crazy to visit us.

Oh! Are we only talking about Kathmandu?


Tourists also like Kathmandu in a single piece-Kathmandu Hippies

Too. Oh, the weather in Kathmandu is nice can be said equably. The unique structures of all the temples monuments we have in Kathmandu mixing unique cultures persons is the best thing any foreigner can get.

Journey throughout the hippies to happies in Kathmandu.

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