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Mero share is an app cum website for operationalizing the purchase of IPOs in Nepal. The pioneer for Mero Share is CDSC and clearinghouse limited. Nepal is moving forward with leaps and bound in terms of the share market. The new revolution in the share market opens the strides of change in the mindset of Nepali people abolishing the fact that Share market is not only for the elites. Mero Share is one such medium, which has made it much easier. One can be a customer of Mero Share paying Rs. 50 annually. It is simple as it gets. To get access to the Mero Share feature, make an email address and add your beneficiary number to the DMAT account.

Nepal stock market has seen growth over the years. There now exist multiple stock brokering offices, Mutual funds agencies, Merchant bankers, the involvement of hydropower companies, and the impressive involvement of investors in the share market. A day in the market turnover is approximately 600 million (NPR). All of these have contributed to the liquification of the market, manipulation of the share price and diversity in the investment. Both primary and secondary market is on increasing volume.  

Yet to venture?  The article should guide you to begin your innings in the market with the “Mero Share”. The Mero Share software developed by CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC) lets consumers view their transaction activities online. Mero Share has streamlined, and digitized the share market and made physical certificate management a thing of the past.


The first step is to open a dematerialized account. It is licensed by CDSC.  Then go to Mero Share Depository Participants and fill out the form. The DP then dematerializes physical share certificates in the form of dematerialized shares as the individual creates the Mero Share account. Mero Share delivers the necessary credentials information to the individuals’ email address.


You can log in to Mero Share in a few steps. The email sent by Mero Share contains a link. The next direction is to press the link which would land you on the desired page. The drop-down menu is across the screen you have to enter your DP, use the number that comes after the Zero as your login ID, and enter the password given to you in your email. Once you log in, you have to change your password and you are good to go. You can always set a new password, all you have to do is to click on the Mero Share profile and go to “change password”.

Mero share CDSC website is meroshare cdsc com np


It has different sections for the customers they can view their information, change it, they can know about share balance, and many more.

The details provided by you in the beneficiary account are accessible through the ‘My Details’ menu. The customer can view their information and can contact the depository participants if they have issues with the information.

Customers wanting to learn about the stocks in their account should select ‘My shares’. Customers have four options viz. free balance, pledge balance, lockin balance, and freeze balance. They can view it anytime.

With ‘My Transactions History’, one can check the share debit and credit details of their account. The customer can sort transaction details with date, the transactions of the last three months would show up. If one wishes to view transaction activity of any one company, press the click button and choose the company you would want to know about.

‘My Portfolio’ feature allows you to view the stock by calculating the latest trading price of the company. The cash dividend is sent to the bank account hence it is a requirement to specify bank details. Customers can provide their bank information using ‘My Bank request’. 

One of the important features of Mero Share is the transfer of sold shares. Customers can sell their shares and transfer them very conveniently through ‘My EDIS’ which is present in the dashboard of the Mero Share. You can click the transfer shares button and you just transfer your shares with a click.


The knowledge of the stock market is a necessary determinant in investment. Mero share is an ideal platform to get hands-on information. Participation in the capital market has never been so convenient. Most companies offer primary issues, Initial primary offering (IPO) to the public at a ground value of Rs.100 per stock, it could also be premium as per the company is valued.

Customers can download the Mero Share app which is an application by CDSC for providing the services that are offered to the investors in the Nepalese Share Market. Anyone wishing to invest can now apply by simply logging into the Mero Share application through the web, desktop, or smartphone.  The financial portal application is available in the Google play store.

One can quickly surf through their phones to enjoy Mero Share’s features. After applying for an IPO, customers can check their result on Mero share while just clicking on ‘My ASBA’, and proceed to the Application report section. There you can see your allotment of  the shares. ‘My ASBA’ is the portal for purchasing the shares. First of all, the customer should take a C-ASBA registration number from the bank they have an account in. Then they can go to the “Current Issue” section in the Mero Share and apply as per their preference.

During the submission of the purchase application, the desired number of shares one wants is entered in the “Applied Kitta” where you have to select your bank and provide the CRN number. After you are done, the software sends you the OTP. You can view the status of your purchase in the application report section of ‘My ASBA’ after you confirm the OTP.

IPO result cdsc com np : is the website that is the official site to check the IPO status. Developed by the CDS and Clearing limited, ipo. is made for the access of IPO information about publicly issued shares and stocks. There are different websites to check the IPO allotment however CDS came up with this particular website as the other unofficial websites crashes during the peak time of the allotment check. 

IPO result cdsc com np

Nepal now has multiple stock brokering offices, Mutual funds agencies, Merchant bankers, the involvement of hydropower companies, and the impressive involvement of investors in the share market. A day in the market turnover is approximately 600 million (NPR). All of these have contributed to the liquidification of the market, manipulation of the share price, and diversity in the investment. helps the investors to check their results as quickly as possible.

Investors of different IPO results can view the application status of their shares. Those who have invested have the option to check their allotment status through online mediums.  They can either log in at or learn about it through issue manger capital’s official website.

Click to visit

IPO Result: How to check IPO results?

Checking IPO results has never been so easy. You can check your result at any time, the first thing to do is to visit There you have to select the company you have applied for, and then you would need to enter your DMAT number, and then simply click on the view result. There are also alternative ways.

Mero Share CDSC login is the first step to start with then you should select the bank with your DEMAT account. It requires the user’s name, & the password that would lead to the My Details where you have to click. You have to copy your BOID number. The IPO result CDSC page would require you to select the company name you have applied securities for. Paste your BOID number. View Results.

Know your IPO Allotment Status | Mero Share

meroshare cdsc com np is the site you visit to check your result. Shares are allocated to people and investors using a lottery system in an IPO. This usually happens when there is a large number of people willing to buy shares. You can check IPO allotments status online. It provides the details about the shares numbers offered. You can check the same using Mero Share in application report segment.

How to view IPO allotment status?

Now you can view your allotment status that is available on its official website All you need is your DMAT/BOID number. Other Process is Go to your Mero share account and check for applied status section.

When to check IPO allotment status?

IPO status can usually be found online after or between one-week closing dates of the public issue. The Sales Manager of the IPO usually announces the status.

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