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Mero Share is the product of CDSC, is the site where you can see the Mero Share login Page. From Meroshare people apply for IPO and FPO. Mero Share act as a depository of a stocks like bank is place where you deposit your cash. Mero Share is liable for all your share transactions like purchase, sales and Transfer. It also keeps the record of IPO and FPO you applied and got allotted. Mero Share is the place where you perform IPO allotment check.

Mero Share Login Dashboard

Once you visit and Mero Share Login you see a dashboard with Nine Navigational Menu. Each navigational menu carry different purpose and perform different task. Here is the name of Nine navigation of meroshare login Dashboard.

Mero Share Login, Meroshare dashboard. Meroshare.cds
  • First- My Details is the place where you find all your details and Demat, Including your DP and 16-Digit BOID Number.
  • Second- My Shares is the tab where you will find all your outstanding shares in numbers and types but not in value.
  • Third- My Transaction History is the tab where you search any stock transactions like purchase date and type sale date etc.
  • Forth- My Portfolio is the place or tab where you will find all the Shares | MF | Debenture you hold including its Last Traded price and closing value.
  • Fifth- My Pledged Share Detail is the place you find your share pledged and pledgor from whom you took loan.
  • Sixth- My Bank Request is a tab where you can request a bank for cash dividend.
  • Seventh- My ASBA is a tab which is really important tab for IPO application and IPO Allotment and application report we will discuss in detail later in our article.
  • Eight- My Purchase Source is the tab where you can find your purchase source Primary or secondary shares and WACC and your holdings.
  • Ninth- My EDIS– is the final tab where you can perform your transfer request.

My ASBA in Meroshare Dashboard

My ASBA is the place where most of us visit in Mero Share. From IPO|FPO applications to allotment status this tab gives you all the information. There are 4 Tab under My ASBA navigation of Meroshare login dashboard of meroshare cdsc com np.

  • Apply for Issue– From here you will apply for recently issued and open IPO | FPO or Debentures etc.
  • Current Issue– Currently issued IPO and FPO along with Right Share and Bonus Share.
  • Application Report– you can check all the applied IPO allotment report.
  • Old Application report– From here you can check old application report till date.

For the above reason My ASBA is very important in meroshare login dashboard. Have you Applied for Recently Issued IPO of Upakar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited.

IPO Result from Mero share

Yes you can check IPO Result from Mero Share as well. Mero Share website meroshare cdsc com np also updates about IPO Results but the allotment result sometime delayed in Meroshare. You can check IPO result of Balephi HydroPower Limited. The process of checking IPO result from mero share is here under.

  • Go to Mero share login and login to your dashboard
  • Go to My ASBA and click on application report tab
  • Click on report
  • Under Status Section you will see allotted

The easiest way of checking IPO result is through


Mero share is a bank but for shares where you can deposit and transfer shares you owned. Also it is a place where all your IPO | FPO related information you get. One of the most important thing to note is never miss the updates and IPO.

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