Mobile price in Nepal 2022

In today’s generation, mobile phones have become such a common accessory. There isn’t a single person who does not own a phone. Men or women or even kids own phones. They can be found in all designs and prices. The mobile price in Nepal is available from as low as 4k to 3 lakhs. In Nepal, we can find mobile

Mobile Price in Nepal

Mobile phones can be purchased online or at physical stores. You can find smartphones in the latest models. Some of the popular online stores in Nepal are, Daraz, Sastodeal, Okdam, and many more. The phones from brands like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oneplus, Nokia, Huawei, Lava, Lenovo, colors are popular among Nepali people. They are found in the following price range. The list is given below:

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Samsung based in Seoul, Korea was founded in 1969. It is the most popular brand among Nepali consumers. It is known for its best quality. Here is the list of Samsung mobile price in Nepal

Mobile model (RAM+storage) Price
Galaxy MO1core (1+16 GB) Rs 8399
Galaxy MO2Core (2+32 GB) Rs 119,99
Galaxy MO2s (4+64 GB) Rs 159,99
Galaxy AO3s (4+64 GB) Rs 18,999
Galaxy A12 (4+128 GB) Rs 19,999
Galaxy M12 (6+128 GB) Rs 22,499
Galaxy F22 (6+128 GB) Rs 23,999
Galaxy M32 (6+128 GB) Rs 27,999
Galaxy A32 (8+128 GB) Rs 34,999
Galaxy M51 (6+128 GB) Rs 39, 999
Galaxy M62 (8+128 GB) Rs 42,999
Galaxy A52s (8+128 GB) Rs 55,999
Galaxy A72 (8+256 GB) Rs 56,999
Galaxy Note 10 lite (8+128 GB) Rs 58,999
Galaxy S20 FE (8+128 GB) Rs 74,999
Galaxy S20+ (8+128 GB) Rs 94,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (256 GB) Rs 1,09,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra (128 GB) Rs 1,39,999
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Rs 2,09,999
Samsung Galaxy Z folan d 3 Rs 2,29,999

Apple Mobile Price in Nepal

Apple is an American multinational company.  It is the most famous phone all around the world. Apple or iPhones is also quite popular in Nepal. The majority of Nepali might not be able to afford the phone as it is quite expensive. But you are not wasting your field as the phone is best at every field. Here is the list of iPhone price in Nepal

Model Price
IPhone SE2 (64 GB) Rs 70,000
IPhone SE2 (128 GB) Rs 79,500
IPhone SE2 (256 GB) Rs 96,000
IPhone XR (64 GB) Rs 80,000
IPhone XR (128 GB) Rs 90,000
IPhone XR (256 GB) Rs 1,12,000
IPhone 11 (64 GB) Rs 99,000
IPhone 11 (128 GB) Rs 1,07,000
IPhone 11 (256 GB) Rs 1,20,000
IPhone 12 (64 GB) Rs 1,26,900
IPhone 12 (128 GB) Rs 1,36,900
IPhone 12 (256 GB) Rs 1,52,900
IPhone 12 PRO (64 GB) Rs 1,63,300
IPhone 12 PRO (128 GB) Rs 1,79,900
IPhone 12 PRO (512 GB) Rs 2,20,000
IPhone12 pro max (128 GB) Rs 1,79,900
IPhone 13 (128 GB) Rs 1,37,900
IPhone 13 (256 GB) Rs 1,54,900
IPhone 13 (512 GB)  Rs 1,89,900
IPhone 13 Pro (128 GB)  Rs 1,74,900
IPhone 13 Pro (256 GB)  Rs 1,89,900
IPhone 13 Pro (512 GB)  Rs 2,24,900
IPhone 13 Pro (1 TB)  Rs 2,55,900
IPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB)  Rs 1,89,900
IPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB)  Rs 2,05,900
IPhone 13 Pro Max(512GB)  Rs 2,39,900
IPhone 13 Pro Max(1 TB)  Rs 2,74, 900
IPhone 13 Mini (128 GB)  Rs 1,20,900
IPhone 13 Mini (256 GB)  Rs 1,37,900
IPhone 13 Mini (512 GB)  Rs 1,71,900

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Xiaomi is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones. The android mobile has been popular in Nepal for its affordable price. Here is the list of Redmi mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price
Redmi 9A (2+32 GB) Rs 11,999
Redmi 9C (3+62 GB) Rs 14,999
Redmi  9C (4+128 GB) Rs 16,999
Redmi 9 power (4+128 GB) Rs 20,999
Redmi 10 prime (6+128 GB) Rs 23,999
Redmi note 10s (6+64 GB) Rs 25,999
Redmi note 10s (6+128 GB) Rs 27,999
Redmi note 10 pro(6+64 GB) Rs 29,999
Redmi note 10 pro(6+128 GB) Rs 33,999
Redmi note 10 pro(8+128 GB) Rs 36,999
Mi 11 X pro(8+256 GB) Rs 67,999
Mi 11 (8+256 GB) Rs 89,999

Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal

Oppo is based in Dongguan, China. It is best known for its affordable price. You can take the best selfie from this android phone. Here is the list of Oppo mobile price in Nepal

Model Price
Oppo A12(64 GB) Rs 20,790
Oppo A15s(64 GB) Rs 21,990
Oppo A5 2020(64 GB) Rs 22,990
Oppo A5 2020(128 GB) Rs 25,490
Oppo A31(128 GB) Rs 26,590
Oppo A52 (128 GB) Rs 29,990
Oppo A9 2020(128 GB) Rs 33,590
Oppo F15(128 GB) Rs 39,990
Oppo F17 Pro(128 GB) Rs 43,990
Oppo Reno 3(128 GB) Rs 46,990
Oppo F19 (6+128 GB) Rs 34,590
Oppo F19 Pro (8+128 GB) Rs 44,990


Huawei is one of the leading brands in Nepal. It is based in Shenzhen Guangdong, China. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones. Many Nepalese is buying mobiles from this brand. Huawei is currently not available due to android issues. Here is the list of Huawei mobile price in Nepal

Model Price
Huawei Y5p Rs 10,990
Huawei Y6s Rs 16,790
Huawei Y6p Rs 16,790
Huawei Y7p Rs 17,490
Huawei Y8p Rs 26,990
Huawei Y9s Rs 33,900
Huawei P40 pro Rs,129,990

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Viva phones headquarters is at Dongguan, Guangdong. They are user-friendly due to their brilliant features. It is also a growing brand in Nepal. Here is the list of Vivo mobile price in Nepal

Model Price
Vivo 191c 2020 Rs 12,999
Vivo Y1s Rs 13,599
Vivo Y11 Rs 17,499
Vivo Y20 Rs 19,990
Vivo Y20s Rs 25,499
Vivo Y51 Rs 33,499
Vivo V20 SE Rs 34,499
Vivo V19 Rs 45,999
Vivo V21 Rs 49,999

Oneplus Mobile Price in Nepal

Oneplus is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The brand has had lots of sales in Nepal becoming one of the most demanded smartphones in Nepal. Here is the list of available Oneplus Mobile Price in Nepal.

Model Price
Oneplus N100 Rs 23,499
Oneplus N10 5G Rs 39,490
Oneplus Nord CE(128GB) Rs 44,999
Oneplus Nord CE(256 GB) Rs 51,499
Oneplus Nord (128 GB) Rs 53,99
Oneplus Nord (256 GB) Rs 63,999
Oneplus Nord 2(256 GB) Rs 69,999
Oneplus 8 (256 GB) Rs 93,000
Oneplus 8 pro Rs 1,25,999

Nokia Mobile Price In Nepal

Nokia is Finland based company. It is most popular especially among Nepali people who live in a village. It is easy to use and available at a cheap price. Here is the list of Nokia Mobile Price In Nepal.

Model Price
Nokia C1 Rs 7199
Nokia C1 plus Rs 8339
Nokia C2 Rs 9299
Nokia C20 Rs 10,990
Nokia 1.4 Rs 12,899
Nokia 2.4 Rs 12,999
Nokia G10 Rs 16,999
Nokia G30 Rs 19,999

You can choose from any of the options above when buying smartphones from the market or online store. Whether android or iPhone, You should especially pay attention to its RAM, storage, battery, processor, display screen, camera quality. They are very expensive so, you should spend your money and budget wisely. Get these from any retail shops or online store in cash or EMI.

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