Nagarik App (नागरिक एप) Full Version & Update 2022

Nagarik App(नागरिक एप) is a digital platform for Nepali citizens to bring various governmental services integrated into one app. Nagarik Apps is a big step towards the digital transformation of Nepal and Nepali citizens. After a year of development, the app was released for the test and review of the general public on 15th Jan 2021(Magh 2nd 2077) by the then prime minister of Nepal Mr. KP Sharma Oli. Magh 2 is also known as the National Earthquake Safety Day. The App was launched with the aim of making Digital Nepal.

The Beta version of Nagarik Apps was released with initial features like PAN registration, Police clearance Reports. One app for All is the main motto of this Nagarik App. Citizenship, Voter ID, Passport and SEE education certificate, Health insurance, Hello Sarkar, etc are the initial features of the Nagrik Apps. The Beta Version got more than 2lakh downloads and has more than 5 lakh downloads so far.

Why Nagarik App Launched and What are the benefits of the Apps?

The current development in Technology has compelled us to move online. With an aim of better governance, Development, and good Administration Nepal government has initiated the Digital Nepal campaign. The App was launched to reduce the hurdle of general people while having worked with various government offices. It is said that 9 ministries are combined to get the services online using the Nagarik apps. The government is aiming that 45 services will be integrated into Nagarik by 2022.

It is said that “when the why is clear the how became easy”. Similarly, the why of the Nagrik App was Simple.

  • Time-Saving
  • Reduce Hurdle and increase efficiency
  • Save Money
  • Transparency
  • Reduction of Corruption

And the same is the benefits as well. With more than 2.15 Crore citizenship details having Home Ministries and 1.55 Crore citizenship details with Election Commission and more than 65 lakh passports details with the department of Passport offices. These three details combined make the Nagarik App simple to verify the citizens.

The less use of paper while getting service of Nepali government office services using this app. The problem of carrying documents and papers in a bag while visiting government offices is removed with this app.

Other Benefits of Nagarik Apps(नागरिक एप) are

  • Online PAN Card
  • Online Company registration
  • TDS Statement Online
  • Citizenship, Voter ID, Driving license, Education Certificate, and Passport Online
  • Complain to Hello Sarkar
  • PPF, Insurance, Loan and SST details, etc
  • vehicle renewal (Bluebook online or Bill book Online)

How To Download and use Nagarik App?

You can download the Nagrik App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The App in its initial day of launch got more than 10K downloads. People supported the App but initially, there was some issue that was fixed later.

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple iOS App Store
  • Search Nagarik App and download the App
  • Click Install
  • Provide your Registered Mobile number and verify with OTP
  • Verify yourself with Citizenship, passport, or voter id card
  • You are now ready to use the Nagarik App.

The full version of the APP was released on the 6th of July 2021 and a recent update was released on 30th December 2021. The full version was released by the then PM KP Sharma Oli on the fourth National ICT Day.

The data consumed by Nagarik App was free during January 2021 by NTC and Ncell. Users of NTC and Ncell are allowed to use the App for free internet data. Note The app will run offline mode as well once you have completed all the steps.

Other similar apps like Nagarik App(नागरिक एप) by the Government of Nepal

There are a few other similar App which was released by the Government of Nepal

  1. Department of Immigration- For Immigration-related information and services.
  2. Covid Np- Covid related information and alert
  3. Nepal Law App- Information and Alert regarding Law and Compliances
  4. OPH Sudurpashchim
  5. MOLESS Call Center
similar apps like Nagarik App

Features or Services by Nagarik App: What does Nagarik App do?

All the features of the Beta version of the Nagrik App were there before full updates. Features like- PAN & Company Registration, Gaupalika and Nagarpalika Information, Educational documents, CIT and EPF, Social Security fund, Hello Sarkar, Police Clearance Report, and Loksewa (Public Service Commission). These features were there from the beginning while the full version was released with some major and significant changes.

Upgrades in Full Version

The motto for the app was to make things digital and reduction of physical visits. The Covid was the game changer to promote the app as it was designed to do things online which we generally have to do physically. Here are the new features which are explained below:

Opening of a Bank Account online

Users can now open an account with the bank sitting in their homes, offices, or any place in Nepal. The virtual filling and uploading of documents are enough for the user’s KYC. Note Various banks also offer online forms which you can fill out online on the respective bank’s website. Mega Bank has collaborated with Nagarik App initially.

QR Code

The QR code scanner (Quick Response Code Scanner) is one of the major features launched by the Nagarik App. Now, these features can be used for login and KYC verifications in various places. The auto form filling and various other uses will be integrated here with QR.

Vehicle Tax and Blue Book Renewal

The most useful and remarkable update for me is this vehicle tax and renewal one. Every year people have to visit the office and have to stay in the queue for the tax and renewal of the blue book. Now Nagrik App makes it easier to do it on our own sitting in home.

Land Details on Nagarik App(नागरिक एप)

The latest version of the Nagrik app allows users and owners of the land and property to trace their land details. Users can print the Map and also can pay the land revenue taxes online using the app.

Government Taxes

People also seeking local taxes which will help a lot with this App. Now the Tax payment must be there as there is already integrated with the various payment-related app within it. Local Level recommendation and Tax was incorporated in Nagrik App which was not there initially.

NOC and Foreign Jobs

Foreign-going students for education can apply for NOC and get it from Nagarik App. The Job listing also will be there for people looking for a job abroad. For Jobs, the application however can’t be filled online.

Note: With the new updates few people have reported problems with mobile verification. We hope this issue is fixed soon by the concerned and if the problem is selective then find the cause of it.

The website itself mentioned that it is attacked by cyber attackers several times, but attackers fail to hack the system each time.

Vehicle Renewal Service with the Nagarik app

This app’s primary goal is to digitize all official services and provide them on a single platform. Another attempt to enable citizens to access their vehicle-related services via an online portal is the integration of the “Vehicle Renewal Service.” The public will find it much more convenient to update their vehicle’s bluebook online thanks to this function, saving them the hassle of standing in line for hours at transportation offices.

Currently, in testing mode, the online renewal service will first be restricted to the province of Bagmati. This service allows locals to renew their car documentation online if they have registered their vehicles with the Transport Management Office of Bagmati Province. The ministry has also made sure to include more payment services for transportation, including taxes, insurance, and fines.

How to renew a car’s blue book using the Nagarik app?

Simply follow a few easy steps on the Nagarik app to renew your vehicle.

First, launch the Nagarik app and navigate to the Vehicle Tax option.
Before moving on to renewal, you must choose your car and double-check its information. We might have to manually enter some important data.
Users of the app can check information about their automobiles and tax status. The information isn’t updated right now, but we may anticipate seeing it whenever Shrawan starts offering this service formally.
Additionally, users of the app can pay any outstanding taxes.

renew a car's blue book using the Nagarik app

The Transport Management Information System (TMIS) portal is another simple way to update your vehicle’s official documents.

FAQ on Nagarik App

Since the launch of the Nagarik App, people have had various questions regarding the app and its usability. Here are some frequently asked questions on Nagarik Apps.

Is this available on PC or Nagarik App on PC?

Yes, you can check the official website for PC however, the features you enjoy on the app only. A website consists of service details and contact details. Now the web version of the app is under construction and coming soon. After the web app, people can use the app on their laptops and desktops as well.

Is it Secure and Confidential?

Yes, Nagarik App is secure there is no doubt about it. Your data will stay with the government, and these are the data already available with the government. Hence, Confidentiality with the government is not a question. The data is secured by a third party and is confidential.

Is Nagarik App available to Nepali nationals residing in foreign?

The answer to this question may be diplomatic. No, it is not available as the number verification is required. Yes, the same is available if you verify here and take it abroad.

Smart cell users can verify on Nagarik App.

Yes, people having Smart cells can also verify themselves on the Nagarik App(नागरिक एप). Initially, the option was not there later it was included.

How to register a problem with Nagarik App on Viber?

You must use the official Viber number of Nagarik App +977-1122334455 and type your message there. There are direct calling facilities as well, you can dial 1101 or 01-5970046 for direct help over the telephone.


The Nagarik App will be a benchmark for a campaign named Digital Nepal. We have seen recent progress in India named PM Gati Shakti Yojna, where 16 ministries work together and finish projects sooner. The same should be our approach. Time is essential for us and we must save our time which can ultimately help us in boosting our efficiency. Nagarik App must flawlessly work and behind the app, officials are also well integrated and coordinated to solve the issues.

In our opinion, Nagarik App is something that will transform Nepal and reduce corruption if well-integrated and operated. Please share your feedback on the Nagarik App and your experience with it. Also, let me know if you want to know anything about Nagarik App(नागरिक एप) in the below comment section.

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