Ncell Bags Telecom Company of the year Award At Asian Telecom Awards 

At the Asian Telecom Awards of 2022, Ncell becomes the winner of the awards ‘the Telecom Company of the Year’, and ‘Infrastructure Initiative of the Year’. Ncell is a private telecom operator that has remarkable performance and started Integrated Data Centre (IDC). Because of it, Ncell grabbed two prestigious awards.

The Asian Telecom Awards owe their origins to Asian Mobile News, which was founded in Singapore in 2003. The awards honor the accomplishments and ambitions of Asia’s best operators. At the award event, the presentation of various awards took place via digital presentations. This year’s honor is particularly significant. Every field experienced unprecedented suffrage in their businesses as a result of COVID-19’s negative impact. Telecom firms, on the other hand, stood out and developed new features and initiatives to keep their consumers happy during these trying times.

“To recognize these extraordinary organizations in the Asia Pacific that showed resilience and outstanding performance, the Asian Telecom Awards 2022 honored these companies who were able to navigate their way despite various challenges in the market whilst providing relevant and award-winning products and services,” states the Asian Telecom Awards.

The Asian Telecom Awards 2022 acknowledged firms who were able to negotiate their way through numerous market hurdles while producing relevant and award-winning products and services, the Asian Telecom Awards.

Ncell becomes Telecom Company of the Year.

Ncell grabs Telecom Company of the Year for its efforts to boost COVID-19 awareness through the media and its own mobile network, as well as for delivering a stable network in Nepal. At the same ceremony, the operator also won the ‘Infrastructure Initiative of the Year award. This award honored Ncell’s efforts to develop a cutting-edge ICD that assisted the government in establishing a digitalization backbone.

Andy Chong, the CEO of Ncell expressed his delight at the awards. He shared, “We are truly honored to receive the prestigious Asian Telecom Awards in two categories. These wins reflect how we have been contributing to the people and the country. This is also recognition for what we have done against the COVID since 2020 and our continuous digitalization journey.”

“Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we have put in place.” He then added, “and I would like to thank our employees for their dedication and commitment to excellence.”

Ncell’s CEO, Andy Chong, expressed his satisfaction at the accolades. “We are really thrilled to earn the renowned Asian Telecom Awards in two categories,” he expressed his gratitude. These victories highlight our contributions to the people and the country. This award also recognizes our efforts to combat COVID since 2020, as well as our ongoing digitalization journey.”

“The strength of the foundations we’ve built has influenced our achievements.” “And I’d want to congratulate our personnel for their dedication and commitment to greatness,” he continued.

In addition, the company also joined hands with the Ministry of Health and Population as an exclusive partner to raise COVID-19 awareness. This helped raise mass awareness promoting behavioral changes amongst the public to prevent the infection.

More about Ncell’s performance

Meanwhile, the company’s infrastructure has performed admirably. It constructed a Tier-III grade IDC in an earthquake-prone area. According to the corporation, it provides reliable and stable connectivity throughout the area. It’s the first of its sort in South Asia, constructed by a telco.

This is one of the organization’s major initiatives that support the government’s Digital Nepal Framework for digital transformation. Ncell’s IDC accounts for the influence of 2015. This ensures that a proper response mechanism is in place in the event of a tragedy. The IDC is also Ncell’s physical witness to its commitment to resilient infrastructure in the face of natural calamities. IDC serves Ncell’s data-driven enterprises, which will ensure a robust and wide-band network. The Data Center will also assist the operator in anticipating the needs of customers in the banking, insurance, and other industries.

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