Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index 2021

 Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index and stands ahead of India and Pakistan. Nepal has improved its ranking comparing 2000, 2006,2012, and 2019. Nepal has improved its ranking however lot to do still we are at a moderate level and there is a better opportunity to reach a low level. From alarming to Serious to moderate now and has a great opportunity to reach low and completely remove hunger from the Nation. Nepal is at 76, India at 101, and Pakistan at 92. Before moving further let’s understand about Global Hunger Index

Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index

What is Global Hunger Index?

Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool that calculates or measures the global and regional hunger situation going on. It is calculated annually and published in the month of October every year.

(ग्लोबल हंगर इन्डेक्स (GHI) एक उपकरण हो जसले विश्वव्यापी रूपमा साथै क्षेत्र र देश अनुसार भोकमरीलाई मापन गर्ने र ट्र्याक गर्छ, युरोपेली एनजीओ अफ कन्सर्न वर्ल्डवाइड र वेल्थनगरहिल्फले तयार पारेको छ। GHI वार्षिक रूपमा गणना गरिन्छ, र यसको नतिजा प्रत्येक वर्ष अक्टोबरमा जारी गरिएको रिपोर्टमा देखा पर्दछ)


The country ranked in 5 categories Namely

Level Value
Low up to 9- Green
Moderate 10 to 19.9- Light Green
Serious 20 to 34.9- Orange
Alarming 35 to 49.9- yellow
Extremely Alarming 50 Above – Dark red and purple
Not Indexed White

An organization like Concern worldwide Ireland-based NGOs and Welt Hunger Hilfe prepare the index using WHO and FOA data and World Bank data.  This data is also backed by individual country data. Canada. Australia, America, Sweden, and Japan are not ranked because they are highly developed.

Reasons why Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index than India and Pakistan

There are various reasons why Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index.  Nepal is a very small country with a population of only 3 crores. Our lockdown was little scientific and was not as early as India did. We have improved our child mortality rate and Malnutrition and lack of nutrition among children is less here now. We have a fall in GDP-PCI but not by a huge amount our graph is satisfactory comparing the India and Pakistan.

Nepali people also eat vegetables by doing farming themselves. Below here is the data of the world bank of Mortality rate under 5 and GDP-Per Capital of these countries. Nepali people also do not hesitate in spending on food and lifestyle.

India Rejects Global Hunger Index Ranking

Recently, India rejected the GHI ranking, India ranked at 101 which is below Nepal and Srilanka. Now if we see Indian media and Reports from JNU shows India lacks nutrition for a child. The height of the people get reduced from past now this has a direct impact of nutrition. People need to get aware and this problem is looked at seriously by authority.

Now, India rejects the ranking comparing its neighboring country like Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Afghanistan. India’s categorical rejection might be fact looking at Srilanka and Afghanistan but there is a problem that needs a solution. The ranking and reports somehow connect. We have already discussed the reasons why Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index.

Conclusions on Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index

Definitely, Nepal ranked better in GHI and Pakistan, but the goal is yet to achieve. Awareness campaigns and health care must be improved. Free health care to mothers and children up to 5 years will do much help as we never know what we are losing. The child we as a nation lose maybe Doctors and Scientists.

Green Zone must be promoted and agricultural or fertile land not used for commercial purposes. Facilities and Subsidies to organic farmers help produce nutritious foods.

Click here to check the GHI Rankings of a Nation. Please share your views on Nepal ranked better in Global Hunger Index. What will you suggest improving the GHI ranking of Nepal better?

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