Nepal wins India in Corruption Ranked 117th

 Nepal ranked 117th out of 180 countries in Corruption Perceptions Index. Congratulations we have won the race and left India behind in doing corruption. Nepal wins India in Corruption, The reason that caption contains India and compares it with it is the density of population and geography. India is a bigger country when it comes to population, Area, and Economy yet they have done better. On the other hand, China is have done well in reducing corruption. Nepal wins India in Corruption and easily stands as one of the top corrupt countries in the world.

Nepal wins India in Corruption
Nepal wins India in Corruption

Leaving these two countries aside even Bhutan has done better in corruption which has again less population than us. It is very sad and shameful for Nepali citizens, leaders are not the only responsible but we as a citizen who chooses those leaders are putting us back in the globe. The whole system is corrupt and there are no other options for youth who want to do something on their own except leave their motherland. It is very painful seeing countries’ situations like this.

Interesting how Nepal wins India in Corruption (भ्रस्टचारी मा नेपाल ले भारत लाई जिते )

If there is any Gold Medal that was awarded for topping in corruption then yes Nepal definitely deserves the same. It is said and True that without being corrupt it is impossible to get success in Nepal. Here are the Ranks of Nepal with our neighboring countries 

Nepal                    117

India                       85

China                      66

Bhutan                    25 (done Really well)

Bangladesh 147th and Pakistan 140th are on Top but in the coming days, we will definitely going to win them as well. 

Who is responsible for Increasing Corruption?

Primarily we as a citizen are responsible for choosing corrupt leaders in the first place. Since we make bad decisions for every work we have to pass from and become a part of the corruption in many ways. One interesting fact is 12% of our population i.e. 36 lakh approx. people paid bribes in the country during the 12 months of 2021. When it comes to political parties none of them disappointed us and all participated equally. Yes, they made a good contribution towards increasing corruption. Whether it is Nepali Congress (NC), CPN (UML), CPN(Maoist), Others.

Let’s have a look at the year-wise corruption ranking 

Year Ranking Score
2021 117 33
2020 117 33
2019 113 34
2018 124 31
2017 122 31
2016 131 29
2015 130 27
2014 126 29
2013 116 31

and so on look at the graph as well what score do we got in these years and you know who was ruling at that time.

Corruption score of Nepal year wise

Ref (visit to see more)

Big Question will corruption end in Nepal

Yes, if we as the citizens have the guts to choose the right people in the power. Yes if we are not let them by intervening and raising questions. By asking questions and making them accountable for wrongdoing. We have to take action if we want to change and education and awareness are necessary.

We have an endless opportunity, we have the potential to export a few things which rarely other nations have and carry billion dollars in value which equals to 12000 crores. But the same can be done with a clear vision and intentions, not with a corrupt mind. Pandora paper leak, Corporate cases are examples that indicate how corruption was done and discovered in Nepal but in the end, nothing happened, no action are taken. 

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