NEPALI STARTUPS: Complete List of Startups in Nepal 2022

Here we will know about the Nepali startups 2022 or startups in Nepal 2022 along with additional information about startups in Nepal.

Startups are the business that is at the initial phase. The founders of the startups do not immediately go off grounds, rather they wait for outside investment for sustaining finances. These companies start with high costs and limited revenue. Startups in Nepal or Nepali startups lack proper supports from the government and are not good for the economy. The initial finance source of startups usually is the saving amounts, financial help from family and friends. It does not necessarily have to be founded by a single individual, nor is there any specific number required for the establishment of the startups. 

Understanding Startups: 

Startups are the companies that develop a product or service for which they believe there is a demand. They focus on a single product which they are willing to bring to the market. The prior reason why they only focus on single demand is lack of adequate capital and a fully developed business model. Most of the startups use seed capital to invest and develop their future. The market research done beforehand helps them determine the demand for a product or service. This market research also includes various considerations like the location of the office, source of funding, social aspects, loan procedures (if required), competitions, and many more. The scenario remains the same for Nepali startups or startups in Nepal.

Nepali Startups: Problems & Challenges 2022

There are many startups at the current time in Nepal. Startups already face various financial and networking problems, startups in a third-world country like ours face additional problems to these.

  1. Tough Competitions: Low Market Size

The market is a very difficult place filled with tough competition. Big companies with large capital and sound equipment produce large quantities at a small price. This affects the startups as they lack behind in this, and hardly can raise their own investment. Poor networking and lack of customer faith are other major market setbacks. The market size is very law in Nepal for Nepali startups.

  1. High expectations: Owner of Nepali Startups sometimes overthink

Success cannot be achieved overnight. Success brings expectation, and expectations in today’s world are hardly met. When the small startups fail to live up to the high expectation of the market, vendors, and customers they collapse. Only those who continue to struggle and remain consistent with their effort last longer to see success. Owner of Nepali Startups thinks beyond reality and wishful thinking.

  1. Financial Management:

Startups have very limited capital with them. In order for them to yield profit, they need to be able to invest more. Many small firms fail to make such investments and depend on financial backups from investors. That results in a positive way to very few, a lot of others get lost in transition and soon give up. This is the most crucial and important area for any startup and in Nepal or Nepali startups also there is no difference.

  1. Winning customer faith:

No business can survive without customers. Winning the trust of the customer is the mandatory thing for any business’s survival. In order to do so, startups need to strictly implement a customer-centric working modality. Gaining someone’s faith is a quite difficult task, but once you succeed in doing so, the sustainability for your firm is secured. Nepali startups are in the introduction phase and most of these startups in Nepal lack faith from their customers.

List of Startups in Nepal 2022

  • Tootle: Ridesharing Nepali Startups

The founder of Tootle is Sixit Bhatta, who founded the startup in January of 2017. Tootle is a ride-sharing app within Kathmandu Valley. It helps people who are willing to share their rides in two-wheelers. One simply has to install a tootle app and sign up for an account. The app will direct you on how it can be used. It has been crowned the most promising startup by Seed stars world, a global firm involved in promoting startups in emerging markets. So far, over four thousand people have signed up to work as tootle riders. It also has a client base of 30,000 who take 250 to 300 rides per day, with an app download of 9 lakhs with 4 lakhs happy customers. TooTle is one of the reputed bike ride-sharing Nepali startups.

  • Pathao:

Patho is a Bangladeshi two-wheeler ride-sharing platform that now also operates in Nepal. It has a ride-sharing service, food delivery service, courier and even, E-commerce services. Pathao started bike-sharing services in 2016 and signed up more than 1 lakh drivers with around 1 million users. By 2018, Patho reached over 50,000 bike registration as a rider, and the company value soared to over $100 million. To the recent date, it has had 3.5+ million app downloads, with 150,000 riders and delivery services.

  • Foodmandu: Nepali startups in FOOD supply

It is on-demand food delivery from various restaurants in Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Manohar Adhikari, the founder of Foodmandu, started it on the 11th of November, 2010. In the initial days, it used to deliver food from 10 restaurants and had 15 employees. After a huge struggle and consistency, Foodmandu today delivers an average of 200 orders every day for more than 160 partners with more than 30 employees. Bhoj deals and Foodmandu operate in the same business. The Nepali startup Foodmandu has an 80% customer retention record. There are 3 ways of placing an order in Foodmandu.

  • Place an order via the Foodmandu app, their website, or simply call their number.
  • The food will be delivered via Bikes.
  • You can make an online payment, or cash payment works as well.
  • The local Project Nepal: Nepali Startups

It is a platform stabled in 2017, for native and indigenous products which are made from 100% local items. Nepali startups aim to provide customers with high-quality and sustainable items. The major motto of this project is to ensure a profit-based business that brings no harm to the planet. It is flexible as per the choices and demands of its customers and can make deliverables accordingly. They have all kinds of products on their official web page, they are eco-friendly and look very pleasant to the eyes.

  • Foodmario:

Foodmario is the platform that connects the home kitchens with customers all over the Kathmandu Valley. If you are living away from home and crave a home-cooked meal, this might just be what you are looking for. It has successfully connected hundreds of home chefs with customers and delivered over one lakh orders. They have a bigger picture for their company and look forward to working with more than 100 home chiefs. All one has to do to connect to their service is download Foodmario App and get started by following the guiding steps.

  • Urban Girl Cakes (UG Cakes): Nepali startups

UG cake was initially registered in 2074, and now is a part of Urban Girl Inc. Pvt. Ltd. It has been into cake production and delivery since then. The co-founders of Urban Girl are Kiran Timsina and Nikita Acharya. The co-founder, Kiran Timsina and Nikita Acharya are listed in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list by Forbes Magazine. It is one of the best and profitable Nepali startups led by a woman.

  • Karma Coffee Nepal: 

it is a boutique café selling coffee beans and handicrafts items made in Nepal.

  • Onion Films: 

It is a video production company that has gained fame little by little.

  • AMAKO: 

it is a mother-daughter company that is involved in producing homemade pickles.

  • Khalti: 

Successful Nepali startup Khalti is a digital wallet and online payment service which also has services for all kinds of digital tickets for transportations, concerts, games, etc. Khalti raised investments from Worldlink one of the largest ISPs in Nepal.

  • Upaya City Cargo: 

Nepali startups solve problems related to logistics and cargo. Upaya has received an investment of 1million from Dolma Impact Fund.

These startups have paved a way for the Nepalese business market. Some of these have been recognized by the international market, whereas some have gained massive popularity among the youths. These companies are an inspiration to young Nepali people to have dreams and motivation to fulfill them.

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List of Nepali Startups 2022

Here is the list of Nepali startups that are currently running in Nepal.

Name of Nepali Startups Category
E-sewa Fintech
Sastodeal E-commerce
Neema Academy Edtech
OnlineSaathi E-commerce
ePeeple E-commerce
Kpadhne  Edtech and Listing
Digital Terai Digital Marketing Listing 
Urbans Nepal Classified
Pretty Clicks Cosmetics
tsarmoire Fashion & Clothing
Mad Honey Production & Processing
Mero Job Jobs Finding
Supply Box Ecom-Outsourcing 
Sriyog Listing
Mero healthcare Healthcare
GoGlides Travel
The Gurkha Khukuri Manufacturing
Kafle Kutani Pishani Udhyog Agriculture

Please share the name you know or missed by us in the comments below or mail us directly and we will include it in our list.

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