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Online Khabar is one of the leading news portals of Nepal. Starting in 2006, the media portal gained recognition after the Gorkha earthquake coverage in 2015. Online Khabar uses both Nepali and English as the language medium for the news. In the year 2014, Online Khabar was on the list of the top ten independent web news portals, and as of the year 2022, it is the most viewed news portal so far. OnlineKhabar is a credible and authentic news portal.

Online Khabar, English onlinekhabar

It doesn’t have any print publication as of now but it owns Himalaya TV. It says to practice free journalism and writing. It advocates against the censorship that the media faces here and there. 

Onlinekhabar controversy

There was some controversy regarding the attack by police officers on the Onlinekhabar journalist. One of the journalists was charged from the police after clicking a picture as a civil servant was arrested in Singha Durbar.

During the time of the unfortunate Gorkha-Earthquake, the print media were unable to operate. This paved the way for web portals to shine. However, Online Khabar received some critics, and accusations of portraying the situation as more severe than it actually was which resulted in the cancellation of different flights to the country. This misinformation induced more chaos. In the year 2020, the web portal was yet facing heat for covering the Covid-19 news without confirmation from officials. The portal seems to rely on traditional content and reporting.

Online Khabar English

The web portal also offers the news in the English language. Online Khabar English is equally popular and publishes news and articles in English making it easier for non-Nepali readers and foreign readers. It has the latest news, breaking news, entertainment, political opinion, business, sports, etc section of Nepal and globally.

Online Khabar Twitter

You can find Onlinekhabar active on social media. It is present in social media like Facebook and Twitter. It is very active on Twitter. You can follow them on Twitter and receive breaking news. The portal has an impressive number of followers on its account. These followers depend on the khabar portal for news and updates in an easily accessible way.

Online Khabar App

OnlineKhabar is now available in the Google play store. You can download the OnlineKhabar Application from the store, and enjoy access to news, entertainment, politics, and many more. With more than thousands of downloads, Online Khabar is gaining popularity in all age groups of readers and citizens.


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