The ruling party cleared Cholendra, hence it is reckless to barricade the home : Former PM Oli

Kathmandu, 2 October. KP Sharma Oli, the president of the CPN-UML, asserted that Cholendra Shamsher Jabra, the suspended chief justice, had been found not guilty. The impeachment had inevitably failed after the Parliament’s term ended, he claimed, thus placing the Chief Justice in a police perimeter was a reckless move.

After the members of the House of Representatives term ended at midnight on Saturday without completing the impeachment proposal, Jabara attempted to reappear before the Supreme Court on Sunday. After the police tightened the security around his home, he chose not to appear in court.

The incident was referred to as meddling in court by UML President Oli. After the party’s secretariat meeting on Monday, Oli addressed the media and stated that the impeachment proposal should pass or fail after being registered. However, he said that the Speaker had held it on hold for six months in order to serve the interests of the ruling party, adding that “Yesterday, not only the session of the Parliament ended, but the term of the Parliament.” The impeachment motion wasn’t approved.

Oli said, “If the registration is completed and not approved, the matter is concluded. He was cleared by the majority party. He was freed following the delay.

The Parliament Secretariat should immediately issue a letter stating that the Parliament was unable to pass it, according to UML President Oli. But he asserted that it was reckless of the government to encircle the Chief Justice’s home.

Oli Gave Example of Boris Elin

On the legislature, Boris Elin opened fire and bombed. What should be done about Boris Elsin and the Parliament now? How should the court be handled? How should the rule of law be handled? “This is constant shelling on the Supreme Court,” UML President Oli stated. According to Oli, UML will reject such reckless behavior.

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