The Unique flag of Nepal

 Nepal is the country of Mount Everest. Some people know Nepal from the country of Buddha’s birth land. Nepal possesses the title of having a unique flag all over the world. Do you know why the flag of Nepal is called unique? This article reveals the reason behind its uniqueness.

The triangular Flag

The flag of Nepal is triangular. It is the only non-quadrilateral flag. So, the flag is popular all over the world. It is made from two single pennons. The two triangles symbolize the mountains of Nepal. The moon tells us that Nepali is calm and the sun tells our energy level. Isn’t it unique?

What is the color of Nepal’s unique flag?

The flag has crimson red and its border has blue in color. The crescent moon and sun have white color. The red color represents the color of rhododendron and bravery. Similarly, the blue color on the border symbolizes peace. To know more about Nepal Flag click on the link

When was the unique flag made?

The flag of Nepal was triangular in the past. Until 1962, the flag had a human face instead of a moon and sun. It was the representation of the Hindu religion. After the new constitutional government was made, the flag was remade to modernize and include all Nepali in one flag. The flag was adopted when King Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the smallest Kingdom into Nepal. 

Nepal Law commission

Nepal Law Commission has stated the following preliminary laws under National Flag.

·        The national flag of Nepal consists of two juxtaposed triangular figures with a crimson-colored base and deep blue borders, there is a white emblem of the crescent moon with eight rays visible out of sixteen in the upper part and a white emblem of a twelve rayed sun in the lower part.  

Location, Population, and Occupation


Don’t you want to know the location of Nepal?

 Nepal is the smallest country located between two powerful countries India in the East, South, West, and China to the north.  It is a landlocked country in South Asia.


The total number of people living in Nepal is 29,033,914 according to the census 2016. Recently the counting is in the process so we are in waiting for the new census results. And we will update here whenever the census results are published.

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Food Varieties in Nepal 


Most of the people in Nepal are farmers. Farming is the main occupation. Mostly, they are engaged in business, tourism, horticulture, etc.

It is hard to draw an exact version of the flag. The flag which is not a rectangle looks unique to the rest of the flag in the Olympics and any summit. Whenever you see the triangular flag, take the name of Nepal without any ambiguity.

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