Things to know before traveling to Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country. The snow-capped mountain ranges, river, lakes, hills, jungle, waterfall, ancient architecture attracts both domestic and international tourists in Nepal.  How many of us visit the perfect trip? We miss something whenever we go out. This article gives you a comprehensive idea to plan before traveling to Nepal. It will help to make your journey comfortable and memorable throughout the remaining life. Here are the things that are important and you must now before traveling to Nepal.

Things to know before traveling to Nepal

know Your Budget before traveling to Nepal

Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in comparison to other countries. Nepali rupee is the currency of Nepal. You can exchange USD, euro, and other currency into Nepali rupees at the money exchange center and even at banks. Mostly, people prefer to exchange money from the exchange center. They are available at tourist destinations like Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Chitwan, etc.

One person can survive with nearly 20 USD on average. It depends on what place you are living and eating. If you drink beverages, the living cost may be high per day. One can do bargain while buying clothes and other materials if they are a foreigner. Make sure you are not being made a fool for every purchase or payment from bus to lodges, food to beverages, clothes to handicrafts, etc.

Learn about Weather before traveling to Nepal

Nepal has a very suitable climate. You can find every kind of weather in a small country. In the lower region, there is a hot climate in summer and fogs in winter. Similarly, the hilly region is moderate in both summer and winter.  In the morning and evening time, there is cold in winter and a suitable environment during summer. In the daytime, there is a little bit hotter during summer. In the Himalayan region, there is a cold environment throughout the year. In winter, there is extreme cold due to snowfall. Remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat. Bring summer and winter clothes.

Transportation is crucial while travelling to Nepal

1.      Nepal is a landlocked country. So, we don’t have any access to seaports. Here, we have public buses for transportation. They are available for local and long-distance travel. Almost for every main destination, public vehicles are available from Kathmandu.

The international airport is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Another international airport, Pokhara International airport will allow flights from Pokhara soon.  There are domestic flights that are available from Kathmandu and other major cities like Pokhara, Bharatpur, Janakpur, etc.

You can rent private taxis, Scorpio as well as microbuses according to the number of people. They are costly than using public vehicles. You can also rent motorbikes. To rent motorbikes you must have a driving license, passport for foreigners, etc.

Food and accommodation

1.      The national food of Nepal is ‘Dal, Bhat, Tarkari’. The food is quite healthy. Here, the people of Nepal divide their food into 4 parts. They are breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. For breakfast, they usually take tea and coffee with biscuits, Sel roti, Donuts. The lunch consists of Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Pickles, Buttermilk. In snacks, there are many varieties of food.  Mo: Mo is the favorite and top choice of all Nepali people. Followed by Chowmein(Like spaghetti), Burger, Biryani, Samosa Chat, Samosa Tarkari, Puri Tarkari, etc. Some people also take tea and biscuits. In the past and now in some villages, they eat roti, maize, etc.

In dinner, there is a repetition of food like in lunch. Some eat famous Nepali food i.e. Dhido and chicken. In some houses, people eat roti.

Lunch and Dinner are heavy. They include rice in lunch and dinner. They eat heavy food because they need to do heavy work such as farming, building houses, and other hard work.

You can get accommodation easily in city areas. You can even stay at a homestay. Some homestay even allows cooking food by their guest. Major village tourist destination provides the facility of homestay.  There are resorts, lodges for staying. Wi-Fi is available to their guest. Except in Thamel and Lakeside, other lodges and restaurants close their service before midnight for security purposes. Be careful about the entry and exit time at your accommodation. Food and accommodation are cheaper if you are traveling to Nepal.

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1.      Nepali people are very innocent. They respect their guest as a god. They follow the proverb ‘ATITHI DEVO BHAVA’ and they prove it by their honesty and helping hands. They greet each other saying ‘Namaste’ and bowing their head while two hands are joined. You can hug to men if you are a man. They feel uncomfortable while hugging to opposite gender to foreign people in villages.

Anyway, we gather good and bad memories with us while traveling. The important thing is bad memories remain for a while whereas good memories last for a long time. You can travel to Nepal with full confidence. They are like your brother and sister. They are always ready to welcome you at their places. Even if you lose everything and you don’t have money in your pocket you can sustain yourself in Nepal with the help of kind people living here.

Check out the Nepal government’s official website

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