Tragedy in Pokhara: Yeti Airlines Plane Crash 15th January

A Yeti Airlines plane has crashed in Pokhara, Nepal. Eight people have been found dead at the accident site. The plane was flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara with 68 people on board, including crew members. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) reported that the plane crashed near the old airport and there is now a fire at the crash site. Rescue efforts are currently being carried out by local residents, security personnel and ambulances. The Pokhara International Airport Information Officer has confirmed the accident and a spokesperson for Yeti Airlines has stated that the plane took off from Kathmandu at 10:33 PM.

Rescue Started

The rescue operation at the site of the Yeti Airlines plane crash in Pokhara, Nepal is being hindered by the large number of people who are running towards the accident site to get a view of the scene. Spectators and the narrow road near the crash site are causing delays in the rescue efforts. Additionally, some people are sharing live updates of the incident on their social media handles. The rescue teams are facing challenges and asking people to stay away from the site to let them perform their duty effectively

Yeti Airlines Plane Crash Updates

Eight people have been found dead at the accident site. It is Expected that more casualties are there and more updates are coming. Fire was huge and locals are also helping in rescue.

Whose Fault?

It is not clear so far what is the reason of Yeti Airlines Plane Crash. As an updates come we try to share with you, But this is a tragedy and we have condolences to the family of a deceased.

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